How to grow teeth?

December 25, 2014
How to grow teeth?

Everyone knows that a person's teeth grow twice in their life - dairy in childhood, and then permanent. If tooth replacement is required, a dental clinic offers services such as prosthetics and implantation.

However, science does not stand still and scientists around the world solve the problem of growing and regenerating teeth.

How to grow new teeth

Stem cells

First, one of the technologies for the regeneration of teeth involves the use of stem cells. It is known that scientists have already achieved great success in studying this issue. Moreover, they assure that it will be possible to grow a new healthy tooth in just two to four months. However, this procedure promises to be very expensive.

The method involves the injection of stem-based milk teeth directly into the space for the growth of a new tooth.

Epithelial and mesenchymal cells

This method involves the injection of cellular material into the collagen skeleton, which penetrates directly into the gum or is grown in a test tube.In the second case, the grown tooth is also implanted in the gum. The growth process takes about two weeks. At the moment, conducted successful experiments on mice.

Laser growing

This method of growing new teeth implies a low-power laser effect on the required area in order to “wake up” stem cells. The beam stimulates cells to grow dental tissue.

This method is proven in the laboratory framework, however, the project development process is moving very slowly.

Teeth regeneration according to Petrov

Doctor of Philosophy A. N. Petrov described a technique with which the process of teeth regeneration can be carried out at home. Technology involves the power of suggestion and work with the subconscious. In addition, attention must be paid to gum massage and jaw training. More information about this technique can be in his.

And finally, I would like to note that while the prospect of growing teeth is far away, pay attention to proper dental care (regular cleaning, routine dental visits, elimination of bad habits).

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