How do nails grow?

Alexey Ganzenko
Alexey Ganzenko
March 20, 2013
How do nails grow?

The fabric that our nails are made of is called keratin. This protein is a building material for both nails and hair. Make sure the strength of keratin is easy - just enough to tap the tips of the nails on the table. The man inherited the nails from his ape-like ancestor - a small primate who used his nails (at that time, rather claws) to climb trees. Of course, our today's nails are a pathetic likeness of real claws and are suitable only for removing a splinter from a heel or scratching it. The outer part of the nail is called the nail plate and is a shield covering the delicate fabric. The nail plate itself, unlike the skin, is a lifeless tissue. Since there are no blood vessels in it, she is unable to eat. The question naturally arises: then, how do nails grow?

How does the nail grow

Let's look at the nail of our thumb. At its base there is a white semicircle. This is the so-called lunula - "factory" for the production of nail plates, a group of cells synthesizing keratin.Forming in the moon, a new nail tissue is added to the existing nail tissue, as a result of which the tissue of the “old” nail is pushed to the sides and forward. That is why we are seeing the growth of the dead seems to be a nail. Above the moonula you can see a small strip of skin - the cuticle, it protects the keratin production area from external damage - all kinds of bumps, jolts, as well as bacteria.

What is written on the nails

Reading the marks on the palms is ambiguous, while a similar recognition of marks on our nails is a very serious matter. The fact is that the appearance of the nail plate can say a lot about the state of health. The blue at the base of the nails is unequivocal evidence of impaired blood flow. The nails are convex, resembling the glass of an old watch, signaling a disease of the liver, heart or lungs. A sunken nail is most likely a sign of anemia when organs and tissues suffer from a lack of oxygen. It is necessary to replenish iron stores in the body.

How many nails grow

Over the years, nail growth slows down. But there are some diseases when, due to a lack of nutrition, the growth of nails and hair slows down at a young age. Under normal conditions, in eight months the nail grows 2.5 cm.Hair growth at the same time is 10 cm. It is interesting that left-handed nails of the left hand grow a little faster than their relatives on the right hand, while right-handed people do the opposite. The reason for the rapid growth of nails should be sought in the enhanced blood circulation of a more active limb. It becomes obvious that the active use of nails accelerates their growth.

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