How to give birth to horses?

As in all mammals, the process of labor in marescan be conditionally divided into three stages: contractions, expulsion of the fetus and the birth of the afterbirth. With the independent delivery of horses and obstetric care (with the help of a veterinarian), the process may be somewhat different.

How to give birth to horses independently

The period of fights for mares can last differenta period of time - from a day to a couple of hours. It all depends on whether she first becomes a mother or she already had colts. When the fruit properly rises in the birth canal and attempts begin, the mare contributes to the process, straining the press (thus the animal tenses).

We briefly describe the sequence of the generic process:

  1. First comes the keelike muzzle and the head of the foal, which prepares the birth canal for the passage of a larger body.
  2. The second period of labor in horses lasts a maximumhalf an hour, but more often - just a few minutes. This is due to the structure of the pelvis of this species of animals, as well as to strong muscles and active circulation. During the entire birth process, the horse lies, and after the colt's birth - rises and breaks the umbilical cord. The newborn appears in the light covered with a dense white-blue fetal membrane, which he independently tears, making sharp movements.
  3. After the birth of the foal, the finalthe stage of the birth process - the birth of a child or a "child's place." This stage usually does not deliver a mare of special discomfort and lasts no more than a few minutes.

Help of a veterinarian

Young healthy mares usually do not needobstetrics on the part of a person and the whole process of birth, from beginning to end, control independently. But still it's interesting how the horses are given birth under the supervision of a veterinarian.

In some cases, on horse farms and farm animals may need the help of an experienced doctor. Some of the cases:

  • Especially it is necessary, if the foal goes forward with its feet - the doctor unfolds the fruit and helps the mare to be born.
  • If the newborn is too weak to break the fetal membrane after delivery, the vet can remove it, thereby helping the colt survive.
  • Another point, during which you may need help, is the birth of the afterbirth.
  • In some cases, after a difficult birth, the mare is so exhausted that it can not give birth to a child's place. In this case, the veterinarian neatly twists it.

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