How to get water?

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How to get water?

Distilled water is water that is completely purified not only from mechanical, but also from chemical impurities. In everyday life, distilled water is used to reduce the density of electrolyte in car batteries and dilute coolants. Due to the fact that distilled water does not form scale when boiling, it is poured into tanks of irons and steam generators in order to prolong their service life. Commercially distilled water is obtained by distillation in special devices called distillers. In small quantities, such water can be obtained at home without the use of special equipment.

How to get distilled water

What you need:

  • ordinary drinking water from the tap;
  • several three-liter glass jars;
  • large deep saucepan with lid;
  • a steaming rack that fits in this pan;
  • pan without a lid of smaller diameter.


  • Clean all dishes clean.
  • Type in cans water from the tap
  • Leave them on the table for 24 hours without covering. During this time, the water will be freed from insoluble impurities. Chlorine and hydrogen sulfide contained in water will evaporate, and solid impurities (sand, lime and salts) will settle to the bottom.
  • The next day, very carefully, smoothly, so as not to disturb the sediment, pour out the top layer of water from the cans. You need to drain two thirds of the contents of each can. Pour the remaining dirty water intoDistilled waterthe sink.
  • Take a large pan prepared in advance, place the grate in it to such a height that the smaller pan placed on this grate fits under the tightly closed lid of the large pan.
  • When you adjust all this construction, temporarily remove the small saucepan, pour the separated water to a large level so that during boiling the water does not overlap the smaller saucepan over the top.
  • Put the smaller pan back on the grate, it will be in the bottom of the water, cover the big pan with a lid and put the homemade distillation apparatus on the fire.
  • When the water boils, the steam from it will begin to rise up and concentrate on the inside of the lid, after which the drops of already distilled water will begin to flow into a smaller saucepan.
  • Adjust the heat so that the boiling is not too vigorous, close the lid tightly and continue the distillation process until the amount of distilled water you need is in the small saucepan.

If distilled water is unsuitable for regular drinking, as it has the property of excessively desalting the body, then melt water, on the contrary, is very useful. If you drink it constantly, melt water increases vitality and even increases longevity. Make melt water at home is not difficult.

How to get melt water

  • To make melt water, draw in regular water and let it settle for 24 hours.
  • Carefully drain the water from the sediment, as in the previous recipe.
  • Pour water into a clean, flat saucepan, cover it with a lid and put the saucepan in the freezer. It should not be put on the bottomMelt waterfreezers, and on a special plastic lattice, which is in many freezers. If there is no such lattice in your refrigerator, put the saucepan on an ordinary kitchen plate. Thus, the pan will not freeze to the freezer, and the water in it will freeze more evenly.
  • From time to time look in the freezer. When you see that a little more than half of the water poured into the saucepan has already frozen, remove it from the refrigerator, pour the unfrozen water into the sink - this is “dead” water containing a solution of heavy metal salts and other harmful compounds.
  • Place the remaining ice in another saucepan and wait for it to melt. The resulting water will be the same "live" melt water.

How to make structured water

Structured water is practically no different from thawed water, it is prepared according to the same principle. The only difference is that at the very beginning of freezing,WaterAs soon as the water is covered with a thin ice crust, this crust is carefully removed. It is believed that it concentrates the molecules of the so-called "heavy" water harmful to the body.

How to make alkaline water

  • Take two tablespoons of sifted wood ash, pour the ash into a three-liter glass jar and fill it with two liters of boiling water. Stir in water with a wooden stick and allow it to cool completely.
  • After that, gently drain the water from the sediment and strain it through the canvas.

In folk medicine, poorly healing wounds are washed with alkaline water. This water is also washed in the villages of the head, so that the hair was soft and smooth, like silk.

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