How to get to Warsaw?

Yuri Belousikov
Yuri Belousikov
December 19, 2014
How to get to Warsaw?

We continue our journey to various European cities: today we will tell you how to get to Warsaw, the capital of Poland, by various means of transport.

We only note that for a trip abroad you must have a passport and a visa.

Fly to Warsaw by plane

In the capital of Poland there are two airports. One is located in close proximity to the city center (10 km), the second is in the north-west of the Polish capital (35 km). The largest number of aircraft do landing at the airport "Chopin", as it is located as close as possible to the city center. Airport website:. Direct flights are made from both capitals of Russia, and in flight you will spend about two hours.

The second airport "Warsaw Modlin" was built recently, it is slightly away from the city. Landing on it make mostly charter flights. You can get to the required place from any airport by special buses that depart from the airport itself, or use the services of taxi drivers.

But in no case do not settle for a trip from a random person in the hall: more often these taxi drivers do not have a license and they charge three times more than regular taxi drivers (who are at the exit from the terminal). You can find out detailed information about flights on the website.

How to get to Warsaw by train

It is very easy to get to Warsaw by rail - trains to the capital of Poland regularly go from the Belorussky railway station of Moscow. There are both direct flights and transfers. It will take about 15 hours by train, but it will significantly help reduce costs (in comparison with air travel). In Warsaw, there are 3 stations that take long-distance trains and international. The railway station in the city center is called “Warsaw Central”, it is considered the largest. “Western Warsaw” is located next to the international bus station: very convenient if you need to go further. Station "Warsaw East" is located in the right bank of the city. You can view the schedule on the following sites: and.

We are going by bus

You can take a bus to Warsaw from various large Russian cities, and from Moscow - daily from the Schelkovsky railway station.Travel time is about 18 hours. By clicking on the following link, you will learn information about international bus flights:.

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