How to get to Gelendzhik quickly

On the eve of the summer, many of our compatriots are beginning to think about how to spend their holidays at sea. Russia offers a lot of opportunities. So, on the Black Sea coast there are many decent resorts where you can relax with the whole family. However, one of the favorite resorts of the Russians was and remains Gelendzhik. The combination of sea and mountain air makes the climate of the city curative, and the warm sea attracts a huge number of tourists. The beautiful promenade and hospitable people leave no doubt in choosing a resort. It remains only to solve one question: "How to get to Gelendzhik?". Many ask them directly before the trip. After all, it seems that answering it is not at all difficult: you just need to take a map and get directions. But, as in any business, you need to consider several options and choose the best.

How to get to Gelendzhik

Airplanes live only in flight

Of course, the fastest way to go on vacation is by plane. In the late spring of 2010, a new airport was opened in Gelendzhik, which made life easier for both residents of the city and numerous tourists.The only serious disadvantage of this way of traveling is to recognize the fact that the number of flights is not yet large. And those who are committed, mostly sent from Kazan, St. Petersburg and Moscow. You can get to Gelendzhik by plane and through Krasnodar or Anapa, but you have to fork out by taxi to the resort. Although from Krasnodar you can get to Gelendzhik by bus from the bus station.
How to get to Genlendzhik

Bus to the sea

To get this type of transport to Gelendzhik is not a problem. So, now almost all tour operators carry out direct flights to the Black Sea resort. However, not everyone will survive a long bus ride. Of course, the bus is one of the cheapest ways to get to the sea, but to ride it with a child is not the best solution. An alternative option with low costs, which solves the problem of how to get to Gelendzhik, is a journey by train.

The train does not go further

There are no railways up to Gelendzhik itself, so it’s impossible to get to the resort without transfers. The nearest railway station is located in Novorossiysk. From it to Gelendzhik can be reached by bus, which runs every half hour, the road will also take no more than 30 minutes. The same way you can take a taxi, but this trip will cost you dearly.If there are no direct trains from your city to Novorossiysk, learn about trains to the nearest station - Tuapse. How to get from Tuapse to Gelendzhik? Surprisingly, but it's all the same bus and taxi.
How to get from Tuapse to Gelendzhik

We drive on our own car

Traveling by car is a complete adventure for the whole family. Throughout the trip you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and hospitable small towns. So, how best to get to Gelendzhik by car?

Most motorists prefer to get on the M4, because it passes through the central densely populated areas of the country. Along the roads there are lots of cafes and motels that will make your trip quite comfortable. However, this route also has a minus: during the holiday season, many of the autotourists complain about many kilometers of traffic jams, especially in the Rostov region.

How to get to Gelendzhik, passing traffic jams? Quite simply: a part of the journey from Rostov to Krasnodar should be done along a different route, namely, the P268 “Bataysk-Krasnodar”. Immediately after the village of Kuschevskaya, we turn off the highway and move to the villages of Leningradskaya, Bryukhovetskaya, and quietly get to Krasnodar through the city of Timashevsk.This road is loaded quite rarely, and the quality of the coating is quite acceptable. And already from Krasnodar to get to the resort can also be two ways. Either returning to the M4 via Dzhugbu (you will be about 180 km to the resort), or take the A146 via Novorossiysk (this road is a bit shorter, about 160 km). Of course, it’s difficult to predict the time it takes you to get to the resort, but if there are two drivers in the car, replacing each other, you can get from 25 to 30 hours from Moscow to Gelendzhik. In this case, you will have to overcome about a thousand kilometers. Please note that everything said above is suitable for those tourists who prefer to get to the sea from the central part of our country.

Way from Siberia and the Urals

What is the best accessible to Gelendzhik

And now the story is for those who are interested in how to get to Gelendzhik from Siberia or the Urals. As an example, let's consider the route from Chelyabinsk. We are going on the M5 to Samara and, not reaching the city, we turn off on the R226 "Volgograd - Samara" in the direction of Engels. Already in Engels we stop the Volga and move in the direction of Volgograd along the R228. Next we have to choose one of the options for getting to Gelendzhik. The first is to move along the M21 “Volgograd - Kamensk – Shakhtinsky” through Kalach-on-Don and the Rostov traffic police posts to the intersection with M4.Or, having driven Volgograd, turn onto the A153 highway and get to Kropotkin through Kotelnikovo, and then follow the P251 “Temryuk - Kropotkin” to continue to Krasnodar. Further you know the way. The journey from Chelyabinsk to Gelendzhik, of course, will be very long. On average, replacing each other, the path of two and a half thousand kilometers, you can overcome almost two days. At the same time during such trips, be extremely careful and attentive. And remember that it is better to lose a couple of hours to sleep than to risk your life and the lives of people dear to you.

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