How to get rid of fleas in an apartment?

How to get rid of fleas in an apartment?

  1. Very kind Natalia ... get rid of cats, you see ... and at the same time parents of the elderly from the house expel, children, husbands .... and suddenly they brought fleas ...
    Vladimir Ivanov is absolutely right - cats modern means will not harm.
    We had a similar problem, we used the "Combat" aerosol. In the house 4 koshak. And nothing. Experience is recent.
  2. look there
  3. Nicherta no drugs help ... and the cat was also treated in the apartment, like at first less, but then again the invasion is silent these terrible vampires !!!
  4. Sorry for the answer. I had the same situation, only I had dogs (I gave them to the choir hands). And everything was fine. Get rid of cats. No drugs will help. Fleas are very tenacious, although small.
  5. In order to get rid of fleas, you can use ordinary baking soda, mixing it with table salt in equal quantities, you need to spread it on the carpet, upholstered furniture and soft toys and rub until this mixture is noticeable. Leaving the mixture for the night carefully and very many times you need to vacuum the furniture and carpet, and wash the toys and dry them in the sun. A favorable climate for reproduction of bloodsuckers are warm and moist rooms, they do not tolerate heat and cold, which means you need to ventilate the apartment more often and take out the things in which they reproduce in the sun or frost: carpets, pillows, blankets and stuffed animals. It has long been known that fleas can not tolerate wormwood, this grass needs to be scattered on the floor. Also it is necessary not to forget that the main place of reproduction of fleas is under the baseboards and in the slots. It is necessary to carefully process these places with decoctions of wormwood, tansy, eucalyptus. You can also use solutions of brewer's yeast and garlic. Fleas negatively relate to coniferous oils, therefore it is possible to spread out over the apartment pine sawdust. When fighting against fleas, the main thing is not to be lazy, and to handle the most inaccessible places, since in the distant chalk egg laying may remain, and poor-quality processing of the room can be ineffective.
  6. You need a drug based on permethrin.
    As far as I know, in modern dichlorvos, permethrin is an active substance.

    But if you are confused by an aerosol, try to find ampoules with it.
    For cats do not worry, on the basis of permethrin make anti-dog collars for dogs and cats.

    Only insects and fishes die from it.

    You need to process the room twice.
    For the first time adult fleas die, the second time (in two weeks) the new generation.

    No other methods of breeding fleas are effective!
    No wormwood or tansy will not help you.

  7. Treatment of the premises from eggs, pupae and larvae of fleas
    1. Man's best friend and worst enemy of fleas is a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner eliminates eggs and pupa fleas simply by removing these little animals.
    2. A perfect method in the winter will be cleaning on the street. Suffice as turning the carpet pile into the snow with the subsequent knocking out and treading, and just knock out the dust in the frost. It is also good to simply expel carpets, rugs on the balcony in the frost.
    3. Where not get a vacuum cleaner wash with "Tuzikom" or other shampoo from fleas. This is the only thing in my opinion shampoos in terms of fighting fleas.
    4. Premises where it is impossible to equip with a vacuum cleaner can be treated with "butoks", "neostomazanom", etc. Dilute according to the instructions and spray the room. The smell of these funds is unpleasant. Do not allow children or animals to dry completely. The effectiveness of this measure is not as high as a vacuum cleaner.
    5. If there are carpets, crevice floors, etc. 100-year-old prescription fleas are larvae and they can not be cleaned (glued carpeting, furniture upholstery, etc.). Berte in a drugstore powder of borax, use in a small area and see if it does not damage the surface to be treated (carpet, floor color, sofa, etc.) if the test plot is in order - cover the surface with brown, distribute with a broom or brush, leave it on 24 -48 hours not allowing on the carpet or this site of children and cats. Collect the powder with a vacuum cleaner with a brush for furniture. The powder is extremely low toxic for humans and animals, after cleaning even all the remaining crystals are not enough to cause poisoning. Carefully clean the vacuum cleaner. Note that the drill is contraindicated if there are pregnant and very young children in the house, and also do not process those surfaces that often come into contact with bare skin - armchairs, sofas. .

    Explanations to treatments and drug selection

    When there are fleas in the apartment, it is not necessary to smear everything permanently with butox and neostomazan. The fact is that these drugs will only act on the larvae of fleas that live more often in carpets, litter, etc. For this, the drug must penetrate there.

    How to get rid of fleas in an apartment? Fleas the main thing is not to be lazy

    Of course, it is hardly possible to soak properly with a carpet preparation. Therefore, in such cases, I recommend cleaning with flea shampoo, moisten a rag and wash the floors, clean the carpets and wipe the furniture upholstery. This allows you to destroy the flea larvae. Against the pupae, almost nothing helps, exactly as eggs even die in experiments from drugs, but in real life it's hard to imagine. Pupa is also unlikely to be soaked to the extent that the drug has penetrated inside. Unlike the moving and feeding larva, eggs and pupae lie in one place and if they do not get a drug on them, they will not crawl over the treated area. After leaving the pupa, the flea also does not run around the carpet and does not come into contact with the drug. They sit in one place waiting for when they feel the master. After this, the flea makes one or two leaps and all. Of course touching a couple of times in the jump of the treated surfaces it will not have time to poison. Therefore, fleas are more likely to die precisely on the treated animal. Processing of the same room should be done only to reduce the number of fleas being mown, since they can not be totally destroyed. Cleaning carpets and other surfaces with a vacuum cleaner is more effective, because it simply removes eggs, larvae, pupae and even young fleas. But it should be just cleaning, and not just ridden over the surface and everything. So you can remove most of the fleas from the room. Chemical warfare was described above - borax powder, special facilities for premises.
    The main point is the treatment of the animals themselves.

How to get rid of fleas in an apartment? cleaning

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