How to get rid of cockroaches?

Many people living in city apartments or hostels, had to deal with the problem - the presence of insects such as cockroaches. It’s hardly possible for anyone to live with such “neighbors”, especially when one witnesses with their own eyes how they walk around the table, dishes, and including food in search of food.

Cockroaches are carriers of unpleasant diseases such as cholera, salmonellosis, dysentery, typhoid fever and asthma. And imagine how disgusting and terribly to wake up from the fact that this ugly insect is running for you? Scary, is not it? We will share with you tips on how to get rid of domestic cockroaches, which you are tired of seeing in your apartment. If you follow our advice, the cockroaches will disappear and no longer disturb you and your loved ones.

How to get rid of cockroaches - useful tips

Before you start fighting cockroaches, you should wash them with detergents and wipe dry all the furniture in the house, especially cabinets and kitchen cabinets.

Dry products that were placed in cabinets and drawers should be packed in plastic bags. This is done in order to get rid of the smell of food in the kitchen.

Dry the table and sink. You also need to close up the ventilation openings and slots, all the places from which cockroaches can crawl into the house.

Throughout the fight against cockroaches in the kitchen should not be dirty dishes, the trash can should be clean and the sink should be dry. If you comply with these requirements, then you are guaranteed a positive result.

There are many remedies for these insects. They can be divided into subgroups:

  • Traps
  • Gels
  • Houses
  • Crayons
  • Aerosols
  • Home remedies
  • Cockroach Control Service

Let's start in order:


The trap is a small, round box with several entrances that are designed for cockroaches. Inside this trap is a poison, which thanks to these insects is spread to their nests. There is a special velcro on the box, so placing this trap will not be any problem. It can be stuck to the wall, and to the refrigerator.The most famous manufacturers today are the companies: Raptor, Raid and Combat.


Special gel, which is sold in syringes, is completely ready for use. The method of application is very simple: the gel is applied 10-15 cm apart from each other along the perimeter of the whole room along the baseboard. The disappearance of cockroaches is guaranteed in less than a week. The most effective gels today are: "Raptor", "Killer", "Globol" and "Dohloks".


Houses - a small cardboard box in the form of a house, cardboard, which is located inside the box. It is completely sticky, and in the center there is a tasty bait. Cockroaches crawl into this house and tightly stick. Then crawl new, dead relatives do not stop them. For humans and animals, these houses are completely harmless. Manufacturers of such houses are not so important, as cockroaches crawl into any similar design traps.


Such crayons should handle all the cracks and baseboards. This should be done once a week. Cockroaches will disappear from your apartment in about a month. Famous manufacturers of such small: "Titanic" and "Masha."


Aerosols sprinkle all possible places in which there can be accumulations of cockroaches. Door jambs, all possible cracks, etc. Well-known manufacturers: “Baygon” and “Raid”, but it is better, in order to avoid addiction, to change the aerosol more often.

Home remedies

  • This method will help you get rid of cockroaches forever. Get boric acid at the pharmacy. Boil the potatoes and mash. Boil eggs for at least six hours. Cut them finely and mix together with mashed potatoes. Add butter. Roll small balls from the resulting mass by moistening them with boric acid. These balls spread throughout the apartment. Cockroaches will disappear in a very short period of time, two or three days - and their trace is gone.
  • In winter, you can get rid of cockroaches in the following way. When you go about your business, for example, to work, open all windows wide open. Cockroaches do not tolerate cold, frost will do everything for you.
  • Amazing fact, a domestic cat can help you! This cute creature with great pleasure will catch cockroaches.

Cockroach Control Services

If for any reason you cannot purchase all of the above insect control agents, then call the cockroach service. Processing will not take longer than one hour. Cockroaches will disappear instantly for about a year.

We hope that everything that we have told you will help and save you from the nasty parasites! If you have something to add to the question of how to get rid of cockroaches, please leave comments. All the best to you and good luck in the war with the baleen neighbors!

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