How to get on the labor exchange. What documents are needed to become a labor exchange?

The labor exchange was created to select the work of those whoit does not. There are many vacancies in the specialties to which potential employers apply. With loss of work, reduction, pregnancy, you can stand on the labor exchange. Anyone on the exchange receives a statutory allowance if he is not yet employed and is actively engaged in finding work.

Does it make sense to register with the labor exchange

Should I join the labor exchange? Undoubtedly, yes, since when looking for work, if a citizen does not register, no one will pay unemployment benefits. In case of registering with the employment exchange, a benefit is paid, which depends on whether the person quit on his own will or was reduced, etc. That is, all able-bodied citizens who are currently unemployed can register on the labor exchange. for some reason.

Even the most minimal allowance will help a personhave funds for food, rent and use of public transport, while he is looking for a job. At employment the citizen is removed from the account, and the grant to it ceases to be to get on the labor exchange

Even if a person has been dismissed with irregularitieslabor discipline, then he still has a minimum benefit. But provided that he could not get a job for two weeks after registering at the labor exchange.

How can I register with the labor exchange

How to get on the labor exchange? Unemployed persons are registered. They can be considered only people of working age who do not have permanent earnings and work. At the same time, an unemployed citizen must be registered with the employment service as unemployed at the moment.

After what time after dismissal it is possible to riseto the labor exchange? It is advisable to do this within the first two weeks. Registration takes place on the day of appeal, with all supporting documents. But the status of the unemployed can be assigned only after 11 days after the filing of the papers. During this time you are obliged to offer:

  • several options for work (permanent or temporary);
  • options for public works, if there is no suitable vacancy;
  • Retraining in the specialty or courses to improve their skills.

At the same time, employees of the exchange can not offerwork, if it is impossible to reach it by public transport (for example, outside the city). Also, the direction issued by them will not be valid, which is not confirmed by the employer. Employees of the labor exchange can not invite citizens to come for directions more than once every two weeks, if there is no suitable vacancy. documents to the labor exchange

When registration at the labor exchange is impossible

Can not be registered at the employment exchange of a citizen as unemployed if:

  • it works;
  • learns;
  • in military service;
  • did not reach 16 years of age;
  • pensioner;
  • convicted and sentenced to imprisonment or in correctional labor;
  • provided false documents.

Documents for registration

Documents for labor exchangefor registration:

  • INN;
  • passport;
  • insurance certificate;
  • employment history;
  • documents on completed education, including the completion of courses;
  • reference 2-NDFL;
  • statement.

The application is filled directly at the labor exchange, on a specially provided form, which is issued on the spot.whether to stand on the labor exchange

Suitable work

How to get on the labor exchange to find the right onework? Such work under the legislation of the Russian Federation is one that is suitable for a certain person. It should be equal to the previous one under the conditions that operated in the last place where the citizen worked. The only exception is public works. In addition, the vacancy should be suitable for health reasons. It is also necessary that it can be reached by public transport. The maximum distance of work from the house is 50 km.

Moreover, the above conditions are taken into account, even if the citizen:

  • previously did not work and does not have a certain profession;
  • was fired more than once for the year, for violation of discipline or for other reasons violating the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • ceased to deal with IP;
  • resumes work after a break of a year or more, or was expelled from the labor exchange earlier for violations;
  • refused to increase or restore his qualification in the specialty that he already has;
  • refused to receive a second profession or retraining after the first period of payment of the benefit ended;
  • is registered on the stock exchange for over 18 months and does not work for more than 3 years;
  • turned to the stock exchange after the seasonal work ended.after what time after the dismissal you can stand on the labor exchange

Unemployment benefit

The period and amount of benefits are affected by length of service, reasons for dismissal and conditions of previous work. In general, the allowance is calculated on average earnings. But there are some exceptions.

The minimum benefit is given to those whois employed for the first time, has not worked for more than a year or is fired with irregularities. But at the same time, if they live in any area of ​​the Far North, then they have an additional accrual rate. Additional funds are also accrued to Chernobyl victims.

Installed payments are made within a year. For those who are dismissed for violations or re-starts their work after a long break - six months. If for the first period of payments a citizen does not get a job, the payment period is extended for a second period, but can not exceed two years. Payment is made twice a month.

How to get on the labor exchange for a second term? For this, there are re-registrations, which also need to appear on the exchange twice a month with the necessary documents. In case of non-attendance of the institution, the payment is terminated or stops for 3 months.placement on the labor exchange

Dimensions, suspension and denial of benefits

The first 3 months that lost their jobs are paid 75% of the average three-month salary. The next four months - 60% each. The remaining - 45%, but not less than the minimum allowance.

Disbursements with:

  • employment;
  • retraining or advanced training;
  • failure to appear on the employment exchange for more than a month;
  • receiving benefits on false documents;
  • deprivation of liberty;
  • the appointment of a pension;
  • a citizen's refusal to benefit from a personal application;
  • death of a citizen receiving benefits.

The suspension of payments for 3 months occurs when:

  • two independent refusals of the proposed work;
  • refusal of public works or direction for training a profession;
  • occurrence on re-registration in a condition of alcoholic intoxication;
  • dismissal from work for violation of discipline;
  • violation of the terms of re-registration;
  • the termination of training in the direction of the labor exchange in an arbitrary manner.

How to register for a reduction

How to get on the labor exchange, if the citizen was reduced? To do this, he will need the following documents:

  • passport;
  • employment history;
  • Reference 2-NDFL for the last 3 months.

The certificate is received in the personnel department of the former work. It is reported, for what purposes it was required. To contact the exchange it is necessary within 2 weeks after the dismissal. Directly on the labor exchange, an application is made for the recognition of a citizen by the unemployed on a special form. All documents are recorded, and copies remain on the labor exchange. After 10 days, the answer is given. An inspector who oversees this citizen will offer vacancies in the specialty. Are given directions to the employer, who may refuse to work. In this case, after two weeks, the inspector must issue new directions, which require the consent or refusal of the employer.stand at the labor exchange

What payments are made to the shortened employee

With the reduction and subsequent formulationcitizen on the account at the employment exchange he is entitled to payments equal to the average monthly earnings, until he gets a job. But the paid period can not be more than two months from the date of dismissal. In exceptional cases, by the decision of the labor exchange, the employee may still be paid for the third month.

The above option is possible only ifafter the dismissal of the citizen was registered at the employment exchange for 2 weeks, but he was never employed. But the allowance will not be paid, if for the period of job search the citizen is still listed at some enterprise.

What documents should be submitted to the labor exchangea shortened person? This is a work book, which must be issued to him within three days, a passport and a certificate of 2-NDFL for the last 6 months. If the citizen is registered within 2 weeks after the reduction, he will be able to receive benefits for a whole year at the employment exchange.

How to register at the employment exchange during pregnancy

If a woman was fired, then it is necessary to approachthe labor exchange for registration within 2 weeks immediately after the dismissal. If a woman has not worked before, she can register before reaching the 30th week of pregnancy. Until that time, the allowance at the labor exchange is paid according to the general conditions. Registration takes place on the day of treatment.what documents are on the labor exchange

Also, on general terms, within a two-week periodtwo variants of vacancies or public works will be offered. If during pregnancy there is no purpose to find a job, then you can learn for free for another profession. In this case, it will be an ideal option for a woman. But the unemployment benefit is not paid at this time, since a stipend is provided for this option. But if a woman's vacancy was not picked up, she will be registered as unemployed, with payment of the allowance.

It should be remembered that the placement at the labor exchangeUnemployment is possible only up to 30 weeks of pregnancy. Later this period, it is necessary to provide the inspector to the exchange with a certificate from the women's consultation. Then the woman is removed from the register, and she goes to the decree. During pregnancy and childbirth, unemployment benefits are not provided, so, perhaps, it is not necessary to talk about an "interesting situation" before the deadline. To receive benefits after 30 weeks, you must already apply to the social protection authorities.

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