How to forgive everyone

Resentment often accompanies a person through life. After all, others often do not quite honestly towards us, and we ourselves make mistakes. Such a bitter emotional burden is hard to carry in oneself, since it delivers many inconveniences.

Negative emotions are accumulating day by day, because a person simply does not know how to forgive everyone, or does not want to do it. After all, being angry with yourself or others is much more comfortable. But you need to go beyond the comfort zone and take decisive action.

Desire to forgive everyone

To forgive your offenders, you must first want this. It is with desire that the path to forgiveness begins. This process should be sincere, go from the heart. Before you forgive everyone and let go, you need to go back in time, remember all the negative situations in detail and try to understand your offenders.

It is important to understand that a person attracts many events to himself, with his thoughts, so he is also responsible for everything that happens to him. As soon as it is possible to accept this fact, the process of forgiveness will go faster.

It helps to forgive yourself and others drawing up a list of offenders. You need to pick up a piece of paper and a pen and try to remember all those people who have hurt. The most serious offenders should be highlighted in bold because it will take more time to forgive them. At the head of the list you need to put yourself, because a person often makes mistakes for which he is ashamed, and subsequently constantly blames himself.

Meditation forgiveness

Once the list is ready, you need to choose one person from it every day and meditate. To do this, you first need to relax, taking a comfortable position. You can include a disc with meditative melodies. As soon as you can enter into a state of meditation, you need to imagine a place in which it is pleasant to be. There you need to invite the person you want to forgive.

It is necessary to visualize how an offender from the past comes to an imaginary place. After that, you need to mentally take his hand, look into his eyes, fill your heart with love and try to forgive him. It must be done sincerely, otherwise there will be no sense.

Of course, it may not happen right away, because if the insult has lived in consciousness for several years, it will simply be impossible to withdraw it in one session.However, to begin with, psychologists recommend that the complainant express his complaints. Allowed to shout at him, say mean things. You can even tell him about your pain. Perhaps at this moment tears will appear on the eyes. This is completely normal.

As soon as the emotions leave, the offender can be told the following words: “I forgive you for all the evil that you have caused me. I let you go in peace. I wish you happiness. Goodbye". After that, it is advisable to send him love and be sure to imagine how he leaves, taking with him all the negative.

Of course, to forgive everyone and myself in one day will not work; it may take more than one month. But you should not hurry, because the process of purification from the negative must go slowly, then you will be able to move to a new stage in life.

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