How to fly to Turkey?

Olga Koval
Olga Koval
March 25, 2015
How to fly to Turkey?

On the eve of the holidays and vacations season, you should plan your route in advance, especially if you are going to have a rest with children. One of the most popular destinations for Russian tourists is Turkey. Value for money and service here is always on top, and therefore many people plan a summer holiday in Turkey.

You can get to Turkey in different ways, but if you do not want to spend your vacation on a long journey, the best flight for you will be by plane.

How to fly to Turkey from Russia

Flight time depends on the air corridor and distance. Russia is a very big country, so the flight can take from an hour to twelve hours. This is the time without registration and customs control. In addition, you should consider the waiting time for a connecting flight if you are flying with a transfer. The shortest flight is a direct flight from Sochi to Istanbul. By the time it lasts one hour.But the flight from Sochi to Antalya will take 11-13 hours, since there is no direct flight, and you will have to spend some time waiting for the airport in Moscow.

Also do not forget the time difference. For example, a flight from Sochi to Istanbul will take one hour, but if you add the time difference, it turns out that the flight took you two hours.

Approximate flight times from major Russian cities:

  • from Arkhangelsk - 4.5 hours;
  • from Ekaterinburg - 4.5 hours;
  • from Khabarovsk - 11 hours;
  • from Ufa - 4 hours;
  • from Sochi - 1 - 1.5 hours;
  • from St. Petersburg - 3.5 hours;
  • from Novosibirsk - 6 hours;
  • from Irkutsk - 8 hours;
  • from Krasnoyarsk - 7 hours.

How to fly from Moscow to Turkey

Moscow-Turkey is one of the most popular airports in the capital. About ten flights depart daily in this direction. Flight time is on average three hours. From Moscow, the planes fly to different cities of Turkey.

Thus, the flight to Ankara from Moscow by direct flight will take 2 hours and 50 minutes.

From Moscow to Antalya - 3 hours and 15 minutes, but if you are flying with a transfer in Stuttgart, the flight time will take 6 hours and 35 minutes.

Airplane Moscow-Istanbul in the air spends 3 hours and 10 minutes.

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