How to enter a cadet school?

Many parents who want their childreceived a prestigious, quality education, would like to know how to enter the cadet school. Such an educational institution prepares the child for future independent life, ensures its all-round development, forms patriotism, comprehensiveness, responsibility, self-esteem.

How to get to the Cadet School?

To provide the child with a place in a cadet school,It is necessary to know what requirements are imposed on candidates. Learn there can be boys and girls who have good health: 1 and 2 groups. Physical training is also important, it should be on top. Therefore, before entering a thorough medical examination.

When entering the first grade of the Cadet Schoolthe child is interviewed by teachers and a psychologist. If the child is going to enter the fifth and older classes, then in addition, some schools need to pass an interview on the Russian language and mathematics, and it will also be necessary to pass the standards for physical education. Competition for admission is very large. In such an educational institution, only children with strong health and the ability to learn quickly can get.

Cadet School: from what age do they take it?

In the cadet school, parents have the right to arrangetheir children from the age of 7, that is, as soon as the child is ready to go to the first class. If he does, he will study the general curriculum, take additional lessons in the initial military training.

After the end of the 9th grade, teenagers can try to enter the cadet corps, after which they will have the opportunity to study in any higher military institutions.

When enrolling in cadet schools, attention is paid to children of servicemen, combatants, children of single mothers and orphans. They are more likely to pass the selection and start training.

Documents for admission

When entering a cadet school, you must present the following documents:

  • A photocopy of the birth certificate;
  • Written consent of parents for training;
  • Medical policy;
  • Vaccination card;
  • Photocopies of parents' passports;
  • Health certificate;
  • Information about classes in groups or sections;
  • Document on education and characteristics from teachers, if before that was training in another school;
  • Documents certifying the status of the family for children entering on favorable terms.

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