How to eat bacon?

Galina Atakhanova
Galina Atakhanova
June 27, 2014
How to eat bacon?

Many believe that fat is very unhealthy, but in fact this product consists not only of fat and calories: it also contains biologically active substances. In fat, as in vegetable oils, there are a lot of fatty acids, which are vitamin P. There is no one acid - arachidonic - except for fat. This acid is necessary for the normal course of hormonal and immune reactions in the body; it is part of the enzyme involved in the work of the heart muscle, and is involved in cholesterol metabolism. Thus, the biological activity of lard is 5 times higher than that of butter or beef tallow. In addition, fat contains carotene and vitamins A, D, E.

But, of course, in all you need to know the measure: an excess of cholesterol can clog blood vessels, if you eat a lot of fat every day. The rate is 70-80 grams per day. In this case, arachidonic acid will facilitate the cleaning of blood vessels.

You should not eat fried fat - it loses some of its beneficial qualities, while acquiring toxins and carcinogens harmful to the body.The best fat is absorbed when it is preheated slightly over low heat.

Strangely enough, it is best to eat fat in the morning - at night the liver intensively cleanses the body, and in the morning it needs help to remove all the accumulated bile. It is fat that can eliminate its accumulations and remove slags.

To avoid excess cholesterol accumulating with regular fat intake, eat it with lots of garlic, onions, and greens. Salt lard is well digested with vegetable salad, seasoned with natural apple or grape vinegar. It is much healthier to eat lean meat with lard than fatty meat, in which cholesterol is much more. Try smoked lard at home, “with smoke” - in factories it is smoked in a special liquid, which changes the properties of the product not for the better. Excellent "goes" bacon with bread. Of course, not with bread rolls, but with whole-grain cereal bread or with the addition of bran. Also, lard is an excellent companion of alcohol; in combination with it, intoxication comes slowly and gradually.

Among other things, if you eat a couple of pieces of fat on an empty stomach, you can quickly achieve a feeling of satiety.Thus, fat is used in diets, allowing you not to overeat and keep a good figure.

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