How to drill porcelain: tips

After reviewing a large assortment of modern lining materials, you can understand that porcelain stoneware stands out for its particular wear resistance and durability. These qualities can cause some problems when installing the material. Difficulties arise when drilling holes in the porcelain tile.

In this regard, homemade wizards often wonder about how to drill porcelain. They are also faced with the question of how to carry out these works. Difficulties may arise due to the hardness that borders on the brittleness of the material. This implies the need to choose a special tool for solving a difficult task.

Than to drill tiles

what to drill porcelain

The main advantage of porcelain stoneware is its high density; therefore, it is difficult to work with the material; these works require a high-strength tool. The tile can be cut, and for laying fasteners or cord - to drill. If the hole diameter does not exceed 12 mm, then you can use spear-shaped drills,who possess diamond tips. When it comes to wider holes, you can use diamond crowns.

If you also were among those who faced the question of how to drill porcelain, then you should know that for holes you can use a cordless screwdriver, a drill stand, a two-speed drill without a shock mode or a machine. Devices are supplemented with diamond nozzles in the form:

  • crowns;
  • drills;
  • diamond drills for porcelain stoneware.

Crowns are also called ring drills. As for diamond drills, they will work on the principle of vacuum sintering. The third option - drills, they should have sintered diamonds. Ring drills are rods with cups, at the ends of which are diamond crystals. In the production process, they are applied by a galvanic method, which allows for a more dense concentration of the segments. This distinguishes crowns from vacuum drills. The main advantage of diamond crowns with electroplated coating is their affordable price.

What are the crowns

what to drill porcelain at home

When consumers are wondering about how to drill porcelain, they certainly pay attention to the crowns. Their functional feature is expressed in the reduction of the end pressure when drilling.The downside is a short working resource. Crowns are used for drilling under the installation of electrical sockets or plumbing. They differ from each other:

  • wall thickness;
  • length;
  • the number of holes for cooling;
  • diameter;
  • distance between diamond segments.

Description of diamond drills

is it possible to drill porcelain

Vacuum sintering drills, which are designed to work on porcelain stoneware, are the most stable. This feature is due to the high concentration of diamond crystals that are sealed in the metal. Such drills provide high speed of rotation and a long working resource. Without a drilling machine, you can make about 70 holes, whereas if the machine is used, the number of holes can be increased to 150.

When you are in the store, thinking about what to drill granite, certainly pay attention to the diamond drill. If you additionally use coolant with them, then the wear resistance of the drill will be increased to 350 holes. This tool is trusted by the masters and developed on the basis of the latest technologies.

Should I use 2mm annular drill bits?

better to drill porcelain

2 mm annular diamond drills are also used to work with porcelain stoneware. But they create an impressive end pressure, so they are usually used for concrete slabs. Their main disadvantage is the insignificant speed of the workflow. The advantages include high strength - ring drills can withstand up to hundreds of holes.

Tool Tips

what drill to drill porcelain

If you still have not decided for yourself how to drill tiles made of porcelain stoneware, you should know that the characteristics of crowns and drills depend on the method of fastening and making diamond crystals. The following methods can be used in the production process:

  • powder metallurgy;
  • galvanic method;
  • diffusion-vacuum technology.

Among the advantages of metallurgy can be identified high working life and durability of the drill. Galvanic products also have their advantages, they consist in low cost. The most effective and durable drill to work with ceramic granite is a vacuum.

Beginners often face the question of how to drill porcelain.To do this, you can use "MonAlIt", which is a drill, made by the method of diffusion cooking. It works with water cooling. Resource generation is increased by 50 times compared with the material of electroplating. These models have a diameter of 3 to 70 mm, and the price increases in proportion to the diameter and reaches 6 980 rubles. This cost is true for a 700 mm drill.

If you still have not decided the question of what is the best way to drill porcelain, you can consider Hawera German diamond drills of vacuum soldering, which are sold in a set of 3 pieces. Products have high strength and provide self-cooling, so they can work without wetting with water. Among the main features it is necessary to highlight the ability to work without centering devices, which are machine tools and holders. Included can be from 6 to 10 drills, and you will have to pay 5,600 rubles for a set.

Overview of the German drill Bosch Easy Dry Best

how to drill porcelain

Among the features of the product is the use of dry drilling technology. Constantly cooling the drill is not necessary, since the design provides for the cooling of the metal segment by automatically supplying liquid to the tip. It enters through the tip of the drill when the operating mode is turned on.Pay for the product will have 1 120 rubles.

How to drill tile

than to drill tiles of porcelain

Asking whether it is possible to drill porcelain tiles, you should immediately start choosing a tool for this, because the answer is positive. It is important to familiarize yourself with the technology of work. The process is quite simple, but it has some nuances. Their observance will allow to achieve better and more accurate holes. The drills will not break.

Today, two technologies are known:

  • making holes of large diameter;
  • dowel drilling.

In the first case, we are talking about the need to install outlets, pipes, etc. How to drill porcelain tiles, you should find out if you have to make a small hole for dowels or small diameter elements. Used for this drill, which have diamond tips. They allow you to drill solid material and prevent its destruction. You should not try to use a hot drill bit, even one that has a winning tip. This will not work, the maximum you will go a few millimeters until the drill bit is blunt.

During the drilling process, it is necessary to supply fluid to the tip of the drill, this will allow for cooling and eliminate rapid blunting.The angle when drilling should be straight, it is better to use a holder for a drill or machine. When you have decided the question of how to drill porcelain at home, you can insert a drill into the cartridge, remove the cap and set the drill at an angle of up to 30 °, and then bring it to a right angle. Perform drilling follows circular movements. It is necessary to bring a working drill to the surface, otherwise the drill will damage the icing and move away.

Making holes of large diameter

For this purpose, special crowns with a diamond coating of different diameters are used. The principle of drilling remains the same as when drilling with a drill. You must stick to the right angle and supply coolant. If you started to drill, you can not stop. Spraying and oil will cool down, which will entail the need to reheat to reduce the service life.


Spray-coated diamond crowns are usually used for large holes, since you only need to cut a small section, and the middle will remain intact. Such crowns have the shape of a cone, at one end of which there is a rod installed in a drill. On the opposite side, there is an emptiness into which the cut out area is immersed.A special kind of sintered drills are that allow you to form large holes, making them through. In the material with the help of such a tool, you only dive a little.

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