How to drill a hole in the tile?

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How to drill a hole in the tile?

The need to make a hole in the tile may be due to the laying of water pipes, installing a wall outlet, installing a heated towel rail or a shelf. In essence, this procedure is not complicated. However, in the process of drilling tile may crack and even split. Therefore, in this article we will look at how to drill a hole in a tile in such a way as not to damage it.

Tile drilling tools

Before you start to drill a hole in the tile, you need to figure out what tools are needed for this.

  • First of all, you need an electric drill that can work at minimum speed.
  • Next we need a cordless screwdriver. The number of revolutions for this tool should be not less than eight hundred, but not more than one thousand revolutions per minute.
  • You will also need a network screwdriver. If you need to drill a small hole (up to 12 mm), you will need a hand drill.

Than to drill a hole in the tile

Consider what kind of drills can be used to make holes in the tile.

  • Drill with a diamond dusting. On the one hand, such a drill is very expensive, on the other - if you use an expensive tile, the diamond tip will be the most optimal, since it is with such a drill that the probability of damaging the tile becomes minimal.
  • Drills with pobeditovy tip. This type of tip is relatively cheap; however, it is not recommended to drill a sufficiently thin tile with a thickness of less than one centimeter.
  • There are also specialized drills for drilling holes in glass and tile. However, you need to select them individually for each case.

Drilling recommendations

To cut a hole in the tile so that the tile itself does not split, you need to calculate the point from which the drilling will be started. To do this, you need to retreat from the edge of the tile just over 15 millimeters. This will significantly reduce the risk of cracking.

Before you start drilling, you should soak the tile in warm water for 30 minutes.Please note that the water should not be cold, otherwise it only increases the risk of cracks.

During drilling it is also recommended to moisten with water the point where the drilling was started.

If you can, make a small hole in the seams between the tiles. This helps in drilling to protect ceramics from cracking.

Drilling technique

Consider a couple of ways to drill tiles. To begin, let's discuss drilling under the dowel.

  1. The first step is to stick a piece of masking tape to the place where the drilling will be performed.
  2. With a simple pencil mark the point for drilling.
  3. Next, use the selected tip to drill a hole.
  4. After that, you need to change the drill to standard and drill a hole, making it wider. After you can insert the dowel. Do not forget to pre-clean the tile from dust particles.

Now consider how to drill a hole under the outlet.

  1. First you need to put tile on a perfectly flat surface. You can use a wooden beam.
  2. Now you need to draw a point (circle) for drilling the hole (and the diameter should be noted exactly).
  3. Use a perforator and make a hole at low speed.

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