How to draw a rat?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
March 21, 2013
How to draw a rat?

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How to draw a rat?

Want to know more about rodents, and in particular rats? This article will tell you about them and provide step-by-step instructions on how to image it on a piece of paper. Before you draw, decide what kind of rat you will represent - home or wild? Rats are pretty smart and dodgy animals. They bring great harm to man. It lies in the fact that rats spoil stocks in the cellars and vaults, strangle poultry and simply bite various things and objects. But there are decorative animals of this type. Their habits are not very different from wild ones. Such rodents are loved with all their hearts and kept at home in cages. Consider next how to draw a rat yourself. For this you need a sheet of paper and a simple pencil and compasses. The work is not at all difficult and will be understood even by a novice artist.

How to draw a rat step by step

  • On paper it is necessary to indicate the place where the rat will be.This will help us polygon, in which our rat will be located.
  • With the help of circles we will create the body of this small animal, as well as with a compass, mark the paws and ears. But the tail is outlined with parallel curves.
  • Now, carefully draw a pencil around the outer lines, draw out the legs, the muzzle with the mustache, and always draw the claws on the legs.
  • With the help of light shading create the effect of wool. All the lines inside the picture, and outside of it, we remove, using the eraser.
  • We finish the tail.

Now you know all about how to draw a rat using a simple pencil. We wish you good luck in your work!

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