How to curl hair ironing?

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How to curl hair ironing?

Female representatives are prettyunpredictable and very inventive. Instruments that are designed for one purpose, in their hands can become multifunctional devices. Even with a simple ironing for straightening hair, they can make elegant curls.

There are several ways with which you can curl your hair with an iron. But in any case, before you start to waving, you need to prepare the hair.

Preparatory work

  1. Wash your hair well with shampoo.
  2. Rinse them with balsam.
  3. Dry it with a hairdryer.
  4. Treat with a thermal protection agent that protects your hair from exposure to high temperatures.
  5. Heat the iron to the desired temperature. Choose sparing temperature regimes to avoid overheating your hair.

Having prepared hair for packing, it is possible to pass safely to winding hair with an iron. In the course of the work you will need:

  • invisibility;
  • hair clips;
  • hair spray.

Method 1

This option is suitable for hair of any length.

If you use this method, we will get spiral curls.

Method 2

The second method also allows you to curl your hair with ironing.

  1. First, separate the strand of hair. Then clamp it with iron at the root. We hold the iron in an upright position. It should be noted that the strands are thicker, the larger the curls.
  2. Rotate the iron across the entire length of the curl approximately 180 degrees. Thus, a beautiful strand is obtained. But remember, every strand can beTwist your hairwind only once.
  3. At the very end, we spray our hair with varnish.

Method 3

This method will create the so-called "beach curls".

  1. We divide the hair into thin strands.
  2. We twist each strand into a small flagellum.
  3. Then fix the iron with each tourniquet.
  4. Through the entire length of the strand you will get a spiral. Some girls, when creating this hairstyle, leave the tips untouched.
  5. After all the strands are treated in this way, you can fix them with varnish.

Method 4

The fourth method allows not only to wind curls, but also to create volume.

  1. Divide the hair into strands.Twist your hair
  2. Then it is necessary to wind the strands of hair on the index finger.
  3. Each strand should be fixed at the roots of hair with the help of invisible or hairpins.
  4. After this, each curl is tightly compressed between the ironing plates.
  5. When all the strands are processed, remove the fixing means (invisible, hairpins) and straighten them. In the event that any strand is not wound, it can be twisted iron, like an ordinary ployka.
  6. We process hair with hair spray.

If you do not fully understand how to curl your hair iron, look at the video in which the main points of work are photographed. More options for creating hairstyles you can learn from here.

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