How to cure varicose veins without surgery

When a person asks himself how to curevaricose veins, he means, above all, non-surgical methods. And they now are. One of these methods is sclerotherapy. There are several of its varieties. To determine what kind of sclerotherapy suits a particular patient, you need to perform an ultrasound examination of the veins. This is done primarily in order to determine whether the permeability of the veins is not violated. The future treatment depends on this. In 70% of cases, sclerotherapy can significantly improve the condition of the vessels and dispense with surgery.

Unfortunately, the question of how to cure varicosity is notabsolutely correct, because this is a chronic disease. The effect after treatment will remain for a long time only if certain conditions are met, including preventive measures. But you can not ignore this disease. In the initial stage, it can not bring visible problems, but if nothing is changed at least in the way of life and nutrition, then in a few years phlebitis or thrombosis may develop. And these are already formidable ailments that can make a person disabled.

If only the first symptoms appeared, there ispossibility to suspend the development of the disease. Some restrictions will be necessary. Categorically it is necessary to refuse thermal loads: it is necessary to forget about saunas, baths, hot baths. Physical exercise is permitted only with compression bandages. It is important to understand that for many years the disease may not bother at all, but at any time a complication in the form of a formed clot can appear. And, the larger the vein, the greater the likelihood of a clot. Therefore, trying to find a way on how to cure varicose veins, there is a risk of waiting for a serious complication. But do not give up.

If the disease is not yet threatened with complications,You can treat varicose veins folk remedies at home. Although the "treatment" is incorrect. Rather, prevention of complications. Because until the medicine did not come up with such medications that could return the wall of the dilated vein into a normal state. No ointments, compression dressings can not remove those veins that have come out. But they should be used for preventive purposes. They give their own benefit. Which preparations to choose? It is better to consult a doctor.

Many people who are looking for a way how to cureVaricose, are interested in folk methods of treatment. And they, too, are quite effective. But again - not the treatment, but the suspension of the development of the disease, the removal of the pain syndrome (if it has already appeared). All the proposed methods should be treated with caution. Someone is better suited one way, someone - another. Here, prevention is done, as it were, by touch. It is necessary to look on the state of health.

Folk recipes

Here are a few recipes, how to cure varicose veins. Even if you can not cure, they will help to stop the disease and avoid dangerous complications.

One way to improve the appearance of the feet whenvaricose veins and relieve the pain - wear stockings soaked in saline. It will take at least two pairs, because once a day they need to be changed. This is done so. Take a solution: a glass of warm water 2 teaspoons of salt. In it for half an hour soaked stockings, then dried, dry dressed on their feet. These stockings must be worn constantly.

Inside, you can take a tincture of nutmeg (100 grams per half-liter of vodka). Insist 10 days, filtered take 20 drops before meals (for half an hour).

You can make compresses for the night from whey. Wet gauze soaked in the serum is wrapped around the legs, covered with a compress paper and fixed.

It is not bad to take warm baths for feet with broth of a bark of a willow and an oak. After them, you must wear tight stockings.

Drinking can be a decoction of cones of hops (it dilutes the blood, which runs more easily through the veins, without forming blockages).

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