How to create gif from video

You need to urgently send certain images in the form of animated images to another person, and at your fingertips only the Internet and Photoshop, which you do not know how to use. In this case, nothing prevents to create a gif file, which is supported by many browsers and devices, provides good compression, so that the file will be quite small in terms of the amount of memory used. Fascinating image, and you can also create gif video greetings to please the person.

What is a file with the extension GIF

Adobe Animate CC creation

GIF (correct pronouncing of "gifs", although the creators of the format were called "GIF", but the one and the other variant is correct) is a special raster format for exchanging graphic images. Data compression occurs without loss of quality in a format of no more than 256 colors, and also includes transparency functions. If in simple terms, this is an animated image of several alternating frames, with looped repetition of the same animations.

This is a hardware-independent format created by CompuServe in 1987 (GIF87a) for transferring raster images over networks. Uses LZW compression.This method is characterized by compressing lines that have duplicate sections. In particular, images with many pixels of the same color horizontally. All this allowed Gif-animation to become a popular format. True, then it was used for static images, but today it certainly looks awful. So this format quickly disappeared as a use for static images, in its place came the advanced formats JPEG and PNG. People sold gifs on CDs.

Areas of use

Create a GIF animation in Photoshop
  • Creating animated images with the possibility of convenient transfer and even earnings.
  • Marketing. In the form of banners on sites.
  • Strengthening textual information.
  • Business presentation.
  • Cinemagramography. GIF clips are quite popular in various groups and, if necessary, to quickly provide information about a technology or a project.
  • GIF art. In the same New York, a city in the USA, the Gif-art gallery is permanently functioning, it is in demand among tourists and Americans.

However, not everything that you see on the sites is hyphal animation. These can be video files that pretend to be gifs.And such files need a code that is embedded in the page surrounding them, which leads to the cyclic launch of video without sound.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Only 256 colors, even the absence of loss of quality and clarity does not save from changing the overall impression of the picture. But modern gifs are quite pleasing to the eye.
  • Excellent file compression system that allows you to restore the image completely without loss in good quality, but this also causes a problem when compression is unable to cope with large images, and the output is a very large file.
  • Does not support Exif.
  • Color management is not possible, but because of the color palette you can correct this situation.
  • No support for vector graphics.
  • Animation.
  • Preserving transparency.
  • The lack of effective storage of images from several layers.
  • Ease of creation.

Creating Gif-animations

How to create a gif picture?

Let's look at the example of creating gif from video. For this there are many services. It:

  1. Giphy gif maker.
  2. Imgflip.
  3. Photoshop.
  5. Gickr.
  6. MakeaGIF.

How to make a gif from a video using Imgflip:

  • Choose a video that will be the basis for the hyphal animation.
  • Adjust the frame rate, title, add captions, select gif size, playback speed, other settings.

This service offers many options, but it is paid, costs $ 9.95 per month (about 600 rubles).

You can make a GIF from a video using Photoshop:

  • We take the video, in the "File" tab, go to Video Frames Layers, cut out the necessary fragment from it.
  • We adjust the gif in different parameters, set the speed, obsession and other settings that are needed.
  • Now select Save for Web & (and) Devices or save for Web.
  • It should be the final setting, here you can see a preview, as well as finish the work on the creation of gif from the video.
Processing details: the creation of gif

Any video will do, but look at the time limit.

Gif-animation and video: the differences

Gif animation differs from video in that video does not contain every frame of animation. Some frames in a single video file are called l-frames and stored as full-length pictures, but between them there are B- and P-frames containing instructions for converting one frame to another with changes in the number of pixels or colors when the rest remains intact.

Conclusion and facts

November 5, 1999, was declared the Day of the Burning of All Gifs. Accompanied by all this are the proud antipoles of PNG format GIFs. But no matter how funny this event is, however, there are no analogs of GIF-animation. It's been 17 years, but gifs are becoming more popular.

Time and technology do not stand still, and who knows, maybe someday it will be possible to replace Gif-animation with other formats, because so many years have passed, and they are also all on top of the pedestal of animated pictures.

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