How to clean the intestines?

Today, doctors are increasingly talking about the importance of cleansing the body. So, intestinal cleansing prevents not only unpleasant moments, such as constipation or bloating, but also has a beneficial effect, oddly enough, on the skin, appetite and sleep. So, how to clean the intestines, let's understand.

When should bowel cleansing begin

In general, it is recommended to clean the body about once or twice a year. But it is worth listening to your body, because it always gives us signals if something does not work as it should. Symptoms such as constipation or diarrhea, frequent abdominal distention, bad breath, general weakness, quite often occur when the bowel is disturbed. If you have one or more of the above symptoms, you should definitely clean up your intestines.

Intestinal cleansing in hospital

Perhaps the only way to quickly clean the intestines is to contact a specialist in a hospital or clinic. In any medical institution, you can undergo a procedure of colon hydrotherapy.In simple words, it is washing the intestines with water. The procedure itself is carefully monitored by a doctor who will respond to your feelings. That is why many people prefer to clean the intestines in this way. Colon hydrotherapy is painless and quite effective - it can wash the intestines a few times and not destroy the natural microflora, without which a normal digestion process is impossible.

Today, methods are practiced how to clean the intestines with the help of colon hydrotherapy with the introduction of bifidobacteria. This will keep a healthy balance of intestinal microflora. Also, when washing the intestine, hydro-massage of the colon walls is performed, thereby increasing the intestinal absorption capacity.

By the way, after a full course of colon hydrotherapy, you will lose a few kilograms of weight, but your intestines will improve significantly.

Sometimes the intestines are cleaned with various laxatives such as Fortrans. Before you use drugs, be sure to consult with a specialist.

How to clean the intestines at home

The most common and effective way to cleanse the bowel at home is the use of an enema. It is worth noting that putting an enema for the first time is quite difficult - it requires a certain skill. In addition, this procedure is quite specific and not everyone agrees on it.

In order to put an enema, you will need an Esmarkh mug (you can buy it at any pharmacy) and a tip that is inserted into the anus. Water for an enema should be clean, preferably boiled, with a temperature slightly above room temperature.

The easiest way to put an enema as follows: get on all fours, head down. Head must be lowered all the time! Then, insert the tip into the anus and open the tap on the hose leading from the Esmarch cup. After all the water enters the intestine, the tip should be removed and 7 minutes to keep the water inside. After that you should go to the toilet and take a shower.

You can use water with chamomile extract or vegetable oil for better effect. Remember that when you clean the intestines with an enema, great care should be taken to avoid injury.

How to clean the intestines of toxins using diet

Diet, according to doctors, is the easiest and at the same time safe way to cleanse the intestines. That is why many are wondering: how to clean the intestines without an enema and a doctor. The word diet in this case refers to proper and rational nutrition. There are a number of recipes that will allow you to pretty quickly bring the intestines back to normal.

  • Kashi. It has long been known how beneficial porridges affect the work of the gastrointestinal tract. It is advisable to use them for breakfast or late dinner. Oatmeal or rice porridge without sugar, salt and butter is best. In addition, porridge strengthens the intestinal walls and heals damage.
  • Bran. Bran should be consumed before bedtime in the amount of two tablespoons. You need to drink them with clean water, preferably mineral water.
  • Apples There are many diets, the main only on some apples. If you seriously intend to clean your intestines, you can eat only 5 kilograms of apples per 5-6 meals for 5 days. At this time you should drink plenty of water or weak tea.
  • Vegetables. Like apples, vegetables perfectly clean the human intestines.In general, it is worth eating vegetables every day. But if you clean the intestines, then a 5-day diet of vegetables and water will be most welcome. For a variety of menus, vegetables can be eaten raw, stewed or steamed.

And the last thing that is important to remember, not only for how to clean the intestines, and to maintain its health every day - a large consumption of water. So, from 3 to 8 glasses of pure water per day will remove excess slags, as well as clean the kidneys.

If you decide to clean your intestines with the help of long and complex diets, then they are quite easy to find on the Internet or in books on healing.

So, now you know how to clean the intestines. Remember that annual cleansing of the body will thoroughly improve your well-being. Be healthy!

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