How to clean avocados correctly: technology

Not everyone can boast of being able to explain how to peel avocados. Only specialists and people living in those countries where these trees grow everywhere know this reliably.

Do not make a mistake in choosing

how to clean avocado

Before you wrestle with how to peel avocados, you need to figure out what kind of product it is. It can not be found in our forests or on the backyards. Avocados prefer warm tropical and subtropical regions (Brazil, United States of America, Africa, and also to Israel). Twenty-meter branched trees are not uncommon here. Its fruits are green berries. They have a pear-shaped shape, oily flesh, a round bone and a fairly strong skin. To enjoy this taste, you must first choose the right fruit, and only then think about how to clean the avocado. A truly ripe product must be heavy, firm enough and elastic to the touch. The rind is usually dark, thin and slightly rough.However, when applying a light scratch on the surface will certainly remain a characteristic mark. An unripe berry, as a rule, is hard and tasteless, and an overripe fruit has a loose flesh, which is not suitable for the preparation of certain dishes. Such products are best not to use in food.

Processing methods

When the first step has been taken and the products have been selected, it is necessary to determine which dish of them will need to be prepared. Much will depend on this, including how to peel avocados. Experienced cooks know many tasty and healthy dishes, where this unusual berry is used as a source component. In the process of cooking it, as a rule, is boiled, baked, fried, stewed, but sometimes it is still used fresh. In the food of the whole fruit is only the flesh. It is very delicate, juicy with a rather interesting taste, which successfully combines the aroma of greens and butter with subtle nutty notes. Salads, sandwiches, cold appetizers and even soups are usually made from such a product. Now, having decided on the dish, you can proceed to the choice of how to prepare its ingredients.Everything will depend on the form in which the avocado pulp will be used. If this is a vegetable sandwich pate, then you can not care about the state of the individual components of the mixture. And in the case of a salad, each piece must have a certain shape.

The usual option

need to peel avocados

If the product is needed entirely, then it is necessary to peel avocados in the easiest and most familiar way. To do this, you need a sharp fruit knife and an ordinary teaspoon. The sequence of actions is extremely simple:

  1. Thoroughly wash the berry under running water, carefully rubbing the hard-to-reach areas with your fingers.
  2. Using a knife, remove the rind in the same way that potatoes are usually peeled. If the product is very ripe, then you can do more cunning. You just need to make four incisions in length, and then gently remove the thin peel with a smooth movement.
  3. Divide the peeled fruit in half, incising it in a circle until the knife touches the bone.
  4. In one of the halves there was a bone and it needs to be removed. This can be done in two ways. First, just take it out with your fingers. Second, use a teaspoon to remove. The second option is used if the berry is not quite ripe.
  5. Sprinkle the avocado slices with fresh lemon juice. This will prevent darkening of the product.
  6. Cut the prepared pulp on your own.

The product prepared in this way can be immediately served on the table or subjected to further processing.

Simplified version

how to clean avocado

If, according to the culinary plan, the pieces of avocado should have a certain shape, then you can do something different. For example, it is planned to cook a vegetable salad. How to clean the avocado so that all the ingredients in the dish are present in the form of identical pieces? This can be done much easier and faster. Phased process is as follows:

  1. Rinse the fruit.
  2. Carefully divide it into two equal halves with a sharp knife.
  3. Remove the spherical bone in any convenient way.
  4. Each half can be put on the palm or simply placed comfortably on the table and with a knife divided the flesh into pieces of the desired size.
  5. Remove the contents with a teaspoon, gently scrubbing it from the peel. You can use a special cutter. In this case, pre-cut the pulp is not necessary.

So, bypassing the procedure of cutting the top layer, you can immediately get the finished component.This option is often used when the fruit is very ripe and it is possible to damage it during peeling and further cutting. For a trained specialist, this is not difficult, but a beginner will have to try a little.

Additional procedure

Do I need to clean the avocado

Sometimes novice chefs wonder if you need to peel avocados? After all, most of the berries and fruits are used entirely. This question has no definite answer. It all depends on the ripeness of the fruit and the dish in which it is used. Avocado peel is quite dense and has a specific flavor, so it is often removed. But there are cases when it does not interfere at all, quite the opposite. It is sometimes used as a dish. For example, a salad looks very impressive on the table, the ingredients of which are neatly arranged in a whole half of the avocado skin. It turns out a kind of stuffed fruit. Unusual design gives the dish individuality. It can not be overlooked and immediately want to try. The filling can be either a mixture of sliced ​​products or a homogeneous plastic mass in the form of a cream or paste. The composition of minced meat can also be chosen to your taste.The main thing is that the components are combined with the avocado itself and favorably emphasize each other.

Mexican snack

Do I need to clean the avocado

The most famous avocado dish is guacamole. In fact, it is a soft mashed potatoes, which is served with bread, chips or used as a gravy for other products. Most often, this sauce can be found in Mexican cuisine. To do it is not difficult. The whole process is reduced to the grinding of the original products. For its preparation you may need: 2 avocados, ½ onion and green hot pepper, juice of one lime, 2 cloves of garlic, salt, ¼ teaspoon of jira, bunch of cilantro and ground pepper.

At the very beginning of the work, the question arises whether it is necessary to peel avocados? Here everyone decides how to act. Of course, without peel, the consistency of the product will be more uniform, soft and tender. But if you use a blender, the problem disappears by itself. But it is better to remove the peel in order not to spoil the taste of the final product. First, the washed and chopped vegetables are ground into mush. Then add the greens with the other components and turn everything into a viscous oily mass.If desired, the recipe can always be improved to your liking.

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