How to choose a lace fabric for the dress?

Lace - very feminine, elegant, thin and elegant material. A woman in lace looks fragile, attractive, elegant and inviting - that is why thin elegant cobweb is popular for the manufacture of underwear, dresses and decor of women's clothing. If you are awaited by a solemn event, a holiday or an important day for you, when you want to look your best, you can order or sew your own exclusive dress with laces. We will help you choose the lace to create this personal piece of art.


Lace fabric differs in a variety of design, colors, production options. The “character” of the lace is manifested in its shades and patterns. Cute round flowers in white look girlishly elegant (they often resemble a retro style); various bright lines create a festive mood - they are actively used for cocktail dresses and decoration of different clothes; smooth and wavy curves on a red or black background - the perfect case for an elegant evening dress.Decide what impression you want to make, because all the laces look different. Since this is a very detailed fabric consisting of thin threads, every bend is important for creating a general impression of the pattern. Lace is one of those fabrics that accurately conveys the mood of a woman and her individuality: strict geometric lines, smooth patterns, flowers or a fine mesh with an elegant minimal pattern - think that you are more to face.


Color is equally important. Tastefully look fabrics of pastel shades, deep color and dark. For example, a delicate pink girl will suit a young girl graduate: her freshness and youth will emphasize the shade of young beautiful roses. It is difficult to imagine a cocktail party without bright and pleasant shades: blue, red, green, lilac will do. The main thing that the colors were moderately bright, but not screaming. At the solemn event, an adult lady will choose an elegant outfit: she, like no one else, will wear a black, dark burgundy, refined dark purple, malachite.

Manufacturing technology

Laces are divided by manufacturing techniques:

  • Tatting - shuttle weaving, suitable for finishing belts and corsets.
  • Lace loin - weaving of synthetic threads with gold or silver embossed.
  • Macrame - weaving with the help of knots, is distinguished by a variety of attractive patterns.
  • PUAN-D-ESPRI - smooth weaving with an equal distance of geometric shapes, often used for decoration.
  • Irish lace - mesh airy fabric with various ornaments and images.
  • Alençon lace is a material that has a satin cord added to add extra volume.
  • Chantilly - frosted lace with ornaments, gradually compacted to the bottom. Perfectly decorates puffy skirts and dresses.
  • Shiffley - lightweight lace for elegant details. An example is guipure, which is distinguished by its pleasant appearance and affordable price.

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Combination with other fabrics

Lace is an elegant material that is combined in different ways with other fabrics. For cocktail and evening dresses, it is most often combined with satin, chiffon, silk.If you sew a dress to order, decide in advance how the lace will be combined with the main fabric, as it absolutely attracts attention. When tailoring an individual dress, it is important to consider what you want to emphasize and what to hide; Lace will highlight what you want to highlight. If you want to cover the problematic part of the body, give up the bright fabrics and patterns in this area. In general, the combination of lace with other fabrics can be divided into three conditional groups:

  • Lace is used for the decoration of small details: bow, strap, neckline, hem, belt, etc. It is not much, but it is correctly emphasized in the dress, therefore it gives it a special elegance.
  • Lace is used to decorate a large area of ​​attire. For example, in a dress, the upper neckline and sleeves can be made from it. This decor will suit girls with a fragile physique, a beautiful line of shoulders, thin clavicles, beautiful feminine hands.
  • Lace completely covers the product. Luxurious options in which the bottom has a matching lining in color, and on top - decor lace fabric. The best option for an evening dress, carefully choose the appropriate style and color.

This delicate material is one of the best for a truly feminine outfit.

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