How to choose a face cream?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
January 27, 2015
How to choose a face cream?

Every woman wants to have a well-groomed appearance regardless of age. The first signs of aging are always displayed on the face and neck. A great role in the care of the skin of the face is played by a properly selected cream.

Before you choose a face cream, you need to understand a large range of cosmetic products.

Classification of creams by purpose

  1. Nutritious. Provides skin cells with amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, metabolism stimulants.
  2. Moisturizing. Helps the skin to compensate for the lack of moisture, eliminates dryness and flaking.
  3. Rejuvenating Slow skin aging and wrinkle formation.
  4. Cleaning. Contains fine solid particles that cleanse the skin of dead cells.
  5. Sunscreen Its light filters protect the skin from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays.
  6. Protective. Creates a barrier to protect the skin from external irritants: frost, wind, etc. Allows the skin to produce and retain its own moisture.
  7. Tonal.If you apply the foundation correctly, you can not only hide the imperfections of the skin, but also give it a fresh, radiant look.

How to choose a face cream by skin type

The choice of cream is carried out depending on the type of skin:

  • for dry skin, you need to choose a product with glycerin, vegetable oils, wax. It softens the skin, relieves the feeling of tightness (Natura Siberica, Faberlic Bioeffect, Nivea visage);
  • For oily skin with dilated pores, gel-like cream with the addition of starch is suitable. Herbal extracts, vitamins A and E reduce the release of fat, soothe the skin. Rapeseed oil regulates the balance of water and fat (Nivea visage, Vichy Aqualia Thermal, Natura Siberica, Sophora Japanese);
  • for the care of combination skin suitable moisturizer with anti-inflammatory components. Zinc and calcium normalize fat metabolism (TimeWise Mary Kay, Garnier BB Сream Secret of Perfection);
  • To maintain normal skin, a light cream with a neutral PH balance and plant extracts is enough (protecting the pure day cream, anti-aging day cream Korres Anti-aging).

Face cream according to age

Over time, skin type may change due to external and internal factors. Young skin needs toning and moisturizing.For this purpose, a cream with an extract of oatmeal, germinated wheat grains, honey, olive oil (night cream “One hundred beauty recipes”, “Birth of a star” by Plazan) is suitable.

Mature skin requires more thorough care. To support it, you need a cream with hyaluronic acid, olive oil, vitamin A (Vichy Liftaktiv Dermoresurs, Black Pearl from 46 years).

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