How to care for your hair?

Let's talk in our article about how to care for hair. In order to do this as effectively as possible, you need to know your hair type. After that, you can accurately determine how to properly care for your hair type.

How to care for dry hair

This type of hair should be washed approximately once a week. And in old age, even less. If you have dry hair, give your preference to shampoos, as a part of which there are various useful biologically active substances:

  • Vitamin B5;
  • Lecithin;
  • Mint;
  • Chamomile extract;
  • Wheat sprouts;
  • Linden blossom.

Now special shampoos-cream with such additives are on sale. If the hair splits, and just for prevention, do a warm wrapping of the head before washing. To do this, rub into the scalp any vegetable oil (preferably olive or burdock), a nourishing mask or cream, and then wrap your head with a film and a towel. After about 30-60 minutes, the head should be washed with shampoo. Keep in mind that dry hair is afraid of the sun and hair dryer.

How to care for oily hair

For oily hair, you should wash your head quite often.Many do it every day. However, if you use shampoo for oily hair every day, then the scalp will become too dry. This shampoo should be used only if the hair is very greasy. Therefore, if you wash your hair every day, stop your choice on a shampoo for normal hair.

Try to dry your hair without using a hair dryer. We recommend to do light massage of the head more often, using special tonics or sprays. Buy a therapeutic drug for hair, which includes medicinal plants and use it. Such drugs are not only struggling with dandruff, but also soothe the scalp, and hence the work of the sebaceous glands will be normalized. After all, oily hair is a consequence of the malfunction of the sebaceous glands, which are also in the scalp.

How to care for thin hair

To such hair was healthy, you should eat right. Regularly consume foods that contain large amounts of vitamin A (vegetables, eggs, dairy products, liver, etc.) and groups B (bread, beans, cereals, etc.).

Thin hair can be both greasy and dry.They should be washed as they are polluted, everything is individual here. Keep in mind that thin hair is very easy to damage. Therefore, a hair dryer, styling products or hair curlers, use very carefully. Aggressive shampoos or “2 in 1” type shampoos, as well as smoothing balms, are contraindicated. Use special nutritional serums with vitamins, amino acids and ceramides. Make nourishing masks and use herbal infusions.

How to care for long hair

Shampoo should match your hair type. Be sure to use air conditioning. It will help to moisturize the hair, prevent tangling, smooth hair, facilitate your combing process. Use masks (you can both buy them and make them at home) and balms. Comb your hair regularly. Use a comb with rare teeth. If your hair is suddenly tangled, first try to unravel it by hand. Regularly check your hair for split ends. If they do appear, shear them at the hairdresser.

Try to eat right and give up bad habits.Rest assured, your hair will be grateful for that.

How to care for curly hair

Head with curly hair should be washed sufficiently often. Special masks are best applied every week. In the process of washing the head is two approaches. First, you should wash off all the dirt, then apply shampoo and do a light massage, then wash it off. Here are the ingredients that should be included in the shampoo:

  • Coconut oil extract;
  • Extracts of cornflower, witch hazel or white lotus;
  • Jojoba oil;
  • Sage;
  • Horseradish;
  • Papaya.

Of course, you will not see all these components in one shampoo. But at least something of the above should be contained in it. Special shampoo to give volume to the hair act on curly hair is not very favorable, as they are able to dehydrate them. Always use balms or conditioners after washing.

How to care for dyed hair

Comb your dyed hair before going to bed for five to ten minutes in all directions. This will make the hair obedient and easier to style. Wash your head with a mild shampoo. About one time use a special hair rinse.

In addition to the various rinses and masks that should be used, you also need to trim the brittle, dry ends of dyed hair. Rub the oil from the sprouted wheat into the hair roots. This will be a very useful procedure, since this oil contains vitamin E, which is so necessary for colored hair. It is recommended to wash your head with boiled or purified water. The use of ordinary water from the tap can not very well affect your hair.

How to care for hair extensions

Remember that for the first time you can wash your hair after hair extensions only in two days, not earlier. Use for these purposes a special - for extensible hair, moisturizing, soft shampoo. Please note that the pH in the shampoo must be neutral, and additives and impurities must be absent. Regularly use nutritional masks, lotions, balms. Try to comb such hair at least twice a day.

How to care for artificial hair

Before you start caring for a chignon, a wig or some other product made of artificial hair, you should know exactly what fibers they contain. If it is impossible to determine anything else, do the following: cut a thin strand and test it with fire.If the fibers are natural, they should melt and smell specifically. If artificial, they burn very quickly, and there is practically no smell.

In any case, such hair must be combed. This is a mandatory care procedure. Be sure to regularly wash such hair. For example, wigs made of artificial fibers are not polluted as quickly as natural fibers, so you can wash them less often (once every two or three months). Wash natural hair more often.

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