How to cancel a password?

Nadezhda Manko
Nadezhda Manko
February 14, 2013
How to cancel a password?

Each developer of operating systems for computers to protect the data in their products provides access to a computer only to certain individuals. It is about setting a password when you start the computer, and of course only the person who knows the password can have access to the data on the computer. The reasons for this are enough. However, if people put passwords in order for the children to once again not play on the computer or for other reasons. True, in these situations you need to remember the password, otherwise you will lose access to the computer. But what to do, if all the same password forgot how to cancel the password?

I must immediately say that there are quite a lot of operating systems today. Only Windows operating systems will be considered.

Cancel password in Windows XP

So, answering the question how to cancel the password on the computer on which Windows XP is installed, you need to log in to the computer under the administrator's login. Usually, no password is set for the home administrator.Further, in the "Start" menu, you are looking for such an item "Control Panel", click on it. A window will appear on the computer and in it you need to find the item “User Accounts”. Next, select the user you need and change the password.

There is another way to replace the password. But for this you need, at the same moment when the password was created, to write to the disk. That is, insert the disc into the drive and then follow the same steps listed in the previous paragraph. Logging in to the "User Accounts", select the menu item to write the password to disk. When you forget the password, you need to insert the disk into the computer and, having started it, follow the recommendations that appear on the monitor. After that, you will reset the old password.

Cancel Windows 7 password

Cancel password Windows 7 can be as follows. Again, go under the administrator, press the combination on the keyboard Ctrl + Alt + Delete. There you select the item "change password". So you can change the password, or completely remove it.

Cancel password remembering

Many browsers to facilitate the work of Internet users who have the function of saving passwords to enter a particular site. How to cancel saving a password in browsers - here, of course, the methods are different and depend on the browser itself.If you have a Google Chrome browser, then you need to go to the menu, select the “Settings” item, then select the “Advanced settings” item. Next you need to find the section "Passwords and forms". In this field, uncheck the box “suggest saving passwords”.

When you need to cancel password memorization in Firefox Mozilla, you need to select the “Tools” item, then the “Settings” item, find the “Security” tab, and there you uncheck the corresponding checkbox.

In IE, you need to go to the "Service" item, then select "Internet Options", then you need to select the "Content" tab. Then you need to find the section "Autocomplete" and uncheck the corresponding checkbox in the parameters.

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