How to calculate man-hours?

Andrey Kresrerev
Andrey Kresrerev
April 12, 2013
How to calculate man-hours?

How to estimate how much work and working time is invested in a particular project, production or technical work, how much working time is spent on time and overtime, how efficient is the time spent by your employees? These questions have been asked by many people since the first industrial revolution. A simple indicator such as man-hours is used for evaluation. How to calculate man-hours? Let's try to figure it out.

Calculation in arbitrary units

Man-hour is a conditional unit of working time, which reflects all the time actually spent by an employee or a group of employees on time and overtime to complete a task. The calculation of man-hours is as follows: you need to multiply the number of employees involved in the task by the number of hours they spent on work. Knowing how many man-hours on average is required to solve certain tasks, you can predict the costs of the project,estimate the required number of employees and set a timeline for the implementation of projects, and present the scope and complexity of the task.

Man-hours - the concept of conditional, it does not include holidays (administrative or study), hospital, lunch breaks or other non-working time. In addition, it is not the only unit of time counting. There are still man-days that are equivalent to eight man-hours, man-weeks (five man-days), man-months (20 man-days) and man-years. There are days when an employee does not immediately take up duties, there are months when out of 30 calendar days workers can hardly be considered 10. Therefore, today man-hours remain the most accurate unit of measurement of working time.

How to calculate man hours

Most often, the concept of man-hours is used in accounting and personnel records when collecting information about the number and wages of employees. Here, man-hour is a unit of working time that corresponds to the hour of actual work. Calculation of man-hours worked is carried out taking into account lesson and overtime work, including those spent on holidays and weekends in the main or combined position.Downtime, breaks, absence of workers in the workplace, illness and leave are not taken into account.

How to count man-hours? Suppose the size of your organization is 8 people, and in the calculated month there were 21 working days. With a 40-hour work week, the total working time will be 334 man-hours.

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