How to boost the 3G modem signal?

3G is a third generation mobile technology. Through it you can connect to the Internet, download files and send messages. 3G network is convenient for its mobility and the ability to connect to the Internet wherever there is coverage. And the connection is via a 3G modem, which is inserted into the USB port of a laptop or personal computer.

The coverage area of ​​3G communication is quite large, but not everywhere it can catch steadily. Walls, metal structures and other obstacles and materials that distort the signal interfere. There may be no signal at all, or it will be weak, which in any case will affect the transmission speed. Let us consider in more detail how to increase the level of a 3G modem signal.

Let's say right away that the methods listed below are of little efficiency. Guaranteed to enhance the signal of a 3G modem using a set of professional equipment: a 3g signal amplifier (3G repeater), a street and home antenna, a connecting coaxial cable.

As a result of our tests of the simplest set in a wooden country house, we were convinced that this is the best option.Judge for yourself, before the installation of the kit, the connection speed was 0.4 Mbps, and after the installation, 4.5 Mbps. For a domestic manufacturer, the kit is made surprisingly reliably, and the detailed instruction has excluded dual interpretations of the procedure for installing and installing equipment.

How to enhance the signal of a 3G modem: options

Improved communications enhancement tools

The easiest way is to buy an antenna, which is inserted into the connector for an external antenna in the modem itself. Thanks to her, the signal will be much higher and better. But not all modems have such a connector, and not everyone will want to spend money when you can make an amplifier out of available tools yourself, which will help strengthen the 3G modem.

It is enough to take a copper wire, open the lid of the modem and wind it in several layers around the SIM card. The rest of the wire is placed outside the room on the street, attaching to it a pre-cut beer can. Such an improvised antenna will increase the signal by 90%, which will delight any Internet surfer.

If you do not want to hang beer cans outside the windows, then the second option will suit more, but it will work worse.To do this, you will have to buy the simplest and cheapest speakers, but, the main thing is that they work. They are enough to plug in and place next to the modem. The level of communication will jump 30 percent. But often this is not enough.

If you use a USB cable for a modem, you should get rid of it and find another way to connect. Typically, the cable is the cause of instability of data transmission, spontaneous disconnection at the wrong time and - sometimes - reboot the modem. And if instead of a modem you use a telephone, such phenomena will be frequent.

Programs to enhance the connection of 3G modem

Modems often work on several different communication protocols. At the same time they try to choose the most stable. This often leads to ping jumps and unstable communications. The modem automatically searches for a stable network, jumping from one protocol to another. But not all modes are fast, which means that if the signal, for example, the EDGE mode seems to be more stable than the fastest HSPA, then the modem will work in the EDGE mode. Naturally, the speed will fall and this will entail a large ping, a delay and sometimes terrible lags of the Internet. How then to make the modem work only in HSPA mode?

You need to download the HSPA Locker 1.3b program and find good instructions for it on the Internet. The essence of the program is that it will reconfigure the modem and make HSPA mode communication a priority and mainstream.

Sometimes users, trying to strengthen the reception of a 3G modem, are looking for programs on the Internet to solve the problem. However, most programs will be paid, and often all their promises will not give anything. These programs, as well as online services, have nothing to do with speeding up a modem. They only compress traffic. You can read about this in our article How to increase the speed of a 3G modem.

The modem speed also depends on the time of day. Indeed, at different times, the number of users of the network tower in the area may be different. Since the channel is divided into several users, then the speed will also be divided. Consequently, at the time of the day when there are fewer users, communication will be much better. These hours usually fall at night, early morning and middle of the day. In the first two cases, the majority is asleep, and in the second - the majority works and they are not up to the Internet, unless, of course, there is a day off in the yard. Thus, it is possible to adapt to the clock maximum speed.

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