How to become stupid?

November 4, 2014
How to become stupid?

Many women admit that their overly intelligent judgments often led to a deterioration in family relationships. Let's see what a clever woman is different from a wise one, and how to become stupid or, rather, seem stupid. Indeed, in some situations it is much more profitable to be a naive fool, which everyone wants to help.

Female wisdom

Strong and intelligent women often have difficulty communicating with men. Why is that? Yes, because on their background, the men themselves do not look smart enough. And what man would like to be more stupid than a woman? Therefore, men choose their girlfriend more naive and silly girls who need their help, advice, farewell. So the man increases the sense of self-worth.

For example, stupid blondes have become the talk of the town. But is it bad? A wise woman will allow a man to indulge her self-esteem and give her advice. If she is too clever, then no one bothers her to create an image of a naive girl and use her on occasion.

How to become smarter: tips

  • Let the man stand at the helm.Let him be the captain, because for him it is very important. With his woman, he should feel important, meaningful, relevant and, of course, smart. Give him that feeling! Listen to him with wide eyes, you can say something like: "Dear, how clever you are, I would not have thought of it!".
  • Do not interrupt a man, even if you know how to do better in this situation, do not give a mind! Agree with his decision, then unobtrusively you can push him to another turn of events.
  • A wise woman will never show a man of her superiority. Give him the opportunity to become a hero. Frequently ask him for help, advice, even if you can solve the problem yourself. Gratefully accept his help. The more you ask for his advice, the more he will feel his importance and the more he will become attached to you - after all, with you he feels like a superman.
  • Do not make important decisions without consulting with your man. Do not be afraid to appear weak, doubting and even stupid. Remember, men like to take care of weak women, and with strong they start to compete.

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