How to become an actor?

Profession actor attracts young people, as it seems that playing on stage is not at all difficult, besides, this is one of the options to become a famous person. But not everyone thinks about how to become a popular actor, as well as what pros and cons are inherent in this profession.

Hone skills

It is worth remembering that if you want to become an actor, then this requires a lot of work and go through several stages.


Actor is a creative profession that does not forgive mistakes, so you need to constantly learn and hone your skills. First of all, you need to complete a course of study: you can enroll in high school for an acting course or drama school, which will open up additional opportunities for you, since you can meet famous people and show yourself from the right side. In addition, you can learn different techniques and get a chance to try yourself on stage. You can hire an acting teacher who will concentrate on the main points. The most popular theater schools in Russia are the Russian Academy of Theater Art GITIS and the Moscow Art Theater School.

Along with educational institutions you can attend various seminars, lectures, as well as summer camps dedicated to acting.

Also, do not forget about local theaters that will help you take the first steps in your chosen profession.


If you want to become a successful actor, then you should understand that in a small town it will be difficult to succeed, so you need to think about moving to a big city, where new opportunities will open up before you.

Actor extras

In order to be noticed as an actor, and it’s quite difficult to get big roles for an unknown actor, you can start with crowd scenes. Casting for such roles are constantly.


If you want to quickly get the desired roles, you should think about entering into a contract with an agent. An agent in the world of cinematography is a personal assistant who looks for interesting offers and helps you in receiving them. Proven person you can advise friends and acquaintances. It is worth noting that the “right” agent never takes money in advance, but only after receiving the role.


It is also important to visit all sorts of castings.Maybe the first time you will not get the main role, but the directors and producers will have you in mind and later will offer you the role. If you will be recognized at the castings - this is a good sign, so you will often be considered for different roles. Information on various castings can be found on the site.

If you decide to attend casting, then you need to put your speech, as well as memorize a certain number of monologues and stage images.

Information about the passage of the casting can be found in the article How to get to the casting.

Actor community

As mentioned earlier, connections are also important, so become a member of one of the actors' communities. It will help you get the ball rolling.

Advantages and disadvantages of the profession

As in any profession, there are also advantages and disadvantages.

Among the advantages are:

  • Creation. An actor is one of the most interesting professions, since you can rotate in a circle of creative people, each of which is unique.
  • Glory and love. Together with the main roles you can get fame and love of the people. They will greet you on the street and ask for an autograph.
  • Travels. In addition, this profession opens up new cities and countries.
  • Versatility. Actors constantly reincarnate and try on the destinies and lives of other people.
  • Social significance. Actor is a socially significant profession, as with the help of your roles you will be able to convey your philosophical ideas and views to people.


Among the disadvantages are:

  • Physical injury. Being an actor is risky, which can lead to physical injuries, since a large number of tricks must be performed on the stage.
  • Life style. An actor is not only a profession, but also a lifestyle that absorbs a person completely. You need to work 24 hours a day and stay away from your loved ones and relatives for a long time.
  • Black stripes. Starting a career as an actor, it is necessary to understand that, like in any other business, there can be a lull along with fame and success. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to constantly be at the stage of learning and to learn all the new and new possibilities of your personality.

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