How to become a happy person?

November 21, 2014
How to become a happy person?

"Man is created for happiness, like a bird for flight" - the author of this catch phrase is writer V. G. Korolenko. Many people will surely agree with him, because what is the meaning of a life full of suffering?

However, to become a happy person and live your life on a positive note, you first need to determine what exactly is happiness for you.

Search for your sense of happiness

Determining exactly what happiness is for you personally, do not look at others, do not live according to other people's recipes of happiness. For example, a mother can tell you that happiness is to learn well, find a prestigious job and marry a decent person. A friend declares that happiness consists in receiving new impressions, traveling, knowing oneself and that one should not live by the standard. Both will be right, because each will choose what suits her.

Think about what you personally need from life, what gives you joy, makes you happy.For example, it may be your favorite hobby, work, relationship with someone, studying something, etc. Let what brings you happiness will make up a large part of your life.

How to become a happy person: general tips

So, you can create your own recipe for happiness. However, if you find it difficult to determine for yourself what makes you happy, we offer you some general tips. You choose which ones to listen to.

  • Define your purpose in life. Usually this is a matter in which a person is engaged easily, with enthusiasm, something to which there is talent and lively interest. For example, if you like to understand human destinies, study human psychology, help people solve their problems, you can become a psychologist. If you admire the beautiful buildings, you wonder how they were conceived and built, and you want to do this yourself, your way into architecture.
  • Almost all people can not be happy without communicating with others, so a good relationship is the key to a happy life. You need to find true friends and your love. Of course, just meeting them is not enough, we must learn to build and maintain relationships with them.This also includes the relationship in the parental family - love your parents, brothers and sisters, relatives.
  • Self-knowledge and self-development play no less a role in finding happiness. It is worth developing in different areas, traveling, exploring other cultures, reading books, etc. This is both interesting and fills life with a special meaning.

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