How much to feed a newborn?

Anna Kitaychik
Anna Kitaychik
December 19, 2014
How much to feed a newborn?

Every mother immediately after the birth of the baby is concerned with the question of how often to feed the newborn. In fact, even pediatricians can not finally agree on their opinion. There are two main types of feeding: on demand and modal.

Feeding on demand

Feeding on demand means putting the baby on the breast at will. This can occur every 30 minutes or 5-6 hours (if the baby is fast asleep). The average number of feedings of the newborn is about 12 times per day. Moreover, the intervals can be completely different, they depend on the volume of milk that the baby ate in the previous feeding.

Regime feeding

Regime feeding on the contrary implies attachment to the breast in the time strictly reserved for this. The optimal interval is 3-4 hours between meals, that is, 7-8 meals per day. This method is most convenient for mothers, but infringes the needs of the baby. All the kids are different, and the need for food can arise at any time.It often happens that the baby did not have time to eat and fell asleep in the process of sucking, and after an hour he woke up and was ready to continue eating, but he, it turns out, is impossible, because 3 hours had not passed yet. That will be the crumb remaining time to cry from the feeling of hunger.

Amount of milk

It is not so easy to calculate how much a newborn should eat. One thing is for sure - the child should be at the breast as much as he needs. The feeding time depends on the speed of milk supply through the milk ducts and on the sucking skills of the baby. Do not tear the baby from the breast before he does not want it. It is practically impossible to overfeed the newborn - mother's milk is low-calorie and non-fat. Excessive milk, if necessary, the baby will simply burp and get rid of the feeling of discomfort. On the first day of life, a newborn eats about 10 ml of milk per intake, and by the sixth day this volume increases to 60 ml.

Each mother must decide for herself how many times to feed the newborn baby. After all, no one except her so well understands and feels his needs and concerns.

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