How many calories are in the sink of different varieties?

Plum is a good fruit, as it is endowedlow calorie content. This product is ideal for a non-strict diet. How many calories are in the sink? What benefit does it bring to the body? This fruit has many beneficial properties and has a positive effect on the digestive and diuretic systems.

This fruit is very popular in our country. The climate promotes the cultivation of various varieties of plums. This product is recommended for use in any form. A lot of minerals and vitamins are stored for a long time, regardless of what kind of plum it is, and what it is - fresh or dried. It changes only its caloric value, which will be discussed.

how many calories in the sink

How many calories are in the sink?

Calorie plums are not able to accumulate inbody, and thanks to this indicator does not affect weight gain. This product is good for eating during a diet, as the sink maintains the working capacity of the body and prevents its depletion. How many calories are in the sink? On average, this figure is 40 units kcal. The fruit improves the functioning of the heart system, favorably affects the nervous system, maintains the acid-base balance. The constant use of plums will help to maximally strengthen the immune system, and thus a person will protect himself from many diseases.

Plums can be consumed both in fresh and dried form, and there are no useful properties in them.

how many calories in a red sink

Caloric content of red plum

How many calories in the sink are red? In comparison with other varieties, red is less caloric. The bottom line is that in red varieties the bone is slightly larger, and, accordingly, the luscious mass is somewhat smaller. But it is worth paying attention to the fact that the ripe plum of this variety has a pronounced sour taste of the skin of the fruit. This factor is explained by the fact that it contains less fruit sugar. So, the calorie content of the red plum is about 46-49 kcal. It is ideal for people who strictly adhere to a diet.

how many calories in the sink of blue

Blue plums

How many calories are in the sink of blue? This variety is very useful due to its set of vitamins and minerals. The blue plum is the most common. This species is endowed with vitamin P, which is able to normalize the pressure and, accordingly, strengthen the blood vessels. If we talk about caloric content, then it is the most suitable for a diet, since it contains in 100 grams only 42 kcal. It is very useful from this type to use various compotes and juices from it.

Another variety

How many calories are in black plums? It is a common product from which many different dishes are prepared. Black plum is very useful for the digestive system, especially when dieting. It is able to remove from the body slags, which very often interfere with digestion. Calorie black plum is 49 kcal per hundred grams. It is very useful in any form. In the berry contains a huge amount of vitamins, which can restore the body.

how many calories in black plums

Fresh berries

How many calories are in the fresh plums? They belong to the category of low-calorie products, but they are very valuable due to the minerals and vitamins that are so necessary for the human body. Plum promotes the cleansing of the body and helps to normalize the work of the intestine. That is why many nutritionists advise her. But it is worth noting the fact that the dried calorie content in dried fruits is twice as high. During the drying process, the sink loses 85% of water, but at the same time retains all its vitamins and nutrients.

Caloric content of yellow plum

How many calories in the sink are yellow? We all know that the amount of vitamins and nutrients in fruits directly depends on the conditions under which they are grown. It is important that in the area where the fruit grows, there is enough moisture, light and, of course, clean air. This is how you can grow a healthy and healthy product. In turn, the caloric content of the yellow plum depends on these factors. This species is slightly larger than black. Her skin does not have a pronounced acidity. The yellow plum differs from other varieties not only by appearance, but also by a set of useful properties. She, probably, one of the most high-calorie, this indicator makes 49-51 kcal on hundred gramme. The taste of the plum is very sweet. High calorie content depends on the fact that the bone is small, and the fraction of pulp is larger than that of other species.

how many calories in plums fresh

How many calories are in prunes?

How many calories are in the sink? Prunes - a dried plum, which has a number of useful properties. It is worth remembering that, unlike the usual fresh plum, prunes can be several times more caloric. This is explained simply: the usual plum is very juicy, but after drying it loses 85% of moisture, therefore, only the sweet flesh remains. Calorie prunes can be 100 kcal per hundred grams, as you can see - twice as much as fresh.

People who are very strict about their ownweight, it is better to use only a fresh plum. How many calories are in the sink? Any variety does not contain more than 60 kcal. And this indicator completely satisfies the norm for a diet. But still, if it is very important, it is better to pay attention to the red and blue. Such varieties are easier to purchase, but if you have the opportunity, it is better to grow it yourself. This fruit is very easily accepted and grows rapidly, after a few seasons you can enjoy this wonderful and useful product.

how many calories in the sink are yellow

The use of other varieties is also permitted, soas they, undoubtedly, also have their value. If you pay attention to the content of vitamins and trace elements in different grades, you can see that each has its own useful properties.

For people who just want to normalizework of the intestine, the perfect blue plum is ideal, which can very quickly solve the problem of the digestive tract. In this case, the body will receive a large number of vitamins and minerals, which will have a good effect on the inner state of a person. In particular, plums well affect the cardiovascular many calories in plum prunes

Different kinds of plums are actively used inpreparation of desserts. A very popular treat is jam, which will probably be more caloric compared to dried plum, since the composition will most likely include sugar. In the diet, it is probably best not to use it, but if for other purposes, then it is possible. The jam retains a high proportion of useful microelements. If you choose - chocolate or jam, then the second will be more useful. Fresh plum is also well used in the preparation of other desserts, while it will provide not only a good but also a great taste. Plum is a very useful and tasty product.

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