How is eczema treated on the legs?

Eczema is a commona disease that often occurs in young children. This ailment is currently diagnosed in 40% of people who have complained of skin diseases. It is characterized by inflammation of the skin that occurs under the influence of internal and external stimuli. To prevent the disease from becoming chronic, it is necessary to timely treat eczema. On the legs or hands, as well as on other parts of the body, the disease requires an urgent call to the doctor.

Symptoms of the disease

There are certain signs of eczema, by which you can determine the disease:

  • the initial stage - redness of the skin, bloating and the formation of vesicles. Feeling of constant itching;
  • intermediate stage - increase of blisters and their subsequent opening;
  • the final stage is a wet skin with the formation of pustules.

After cessation of inflammatory processesdrying and covering with a crust of skin. During the course of the disease, different stages of eczema can be observed simultaneously on the affected skin areas. The photo shows the general picture of the disease, where it can be seen that there are bubbles, sputum and dry areas on the body.eczema treatment on the legs

Treatment of eczema on the feet by traditional methods

If symptoms of the disease should be addressed to a doctor - an allergist or dermatologist. Treatment of eczema on the legsis carried out by means of the following medicines:

  • preparations for strengthening the body - vitamins;
  • antihistamines;
  • antibacterial drugs;
  • antibiotics - in case of the appearance of pus.signs of eczema

When complicating the disease, it is necessary to reduce waterprocedures. The appearance of pus is a serious exacerbation, in which the body is covered with constantly itchy blisters. There may be an increase in body temperature and worsening of the general condition of the patient.

Treatment of eczema on the legs is successful with proper nutrition. It is necessary to remove citrus, smoked and spicy food, sweets and carbonated drinks from the patient's diet.

Treatment of eczema on the feet with folk remedies

Often to improve the patient's condition, it is recommended to use:

  • tincture of the yarrow herb;
  • baths of sequential broths and celandine;
  • Soot, formed after burning the newspaper;
  • smearing sour cream of affected areas;
  • Compresses from ground pearl barley and honey (in the ratio 1: 1);
  • lotions from decoction of walnut leaves;
  • reception inside the broths of the collection of herbs: the root of burdock, dandelion, St. John's wort.

Treatment of eczema on the feet with the help of folk remedies does not guarantee a recovery and can lead to complications. Therefore, before using them, you need to get a doctor's advice.

eczema pictures

Prevention of disease

To prevent the disease should adhere to the recommendations of doctors:

  • observe hygiene;
  • Do not come in prolonged contact with allergens;
  • avoid overheating or supercooling of the body;
  • to introduce into the daily diet products of dairy and vegetable origin;
  • to limit the intake of alcoholic beverages.

In order to consolidate the result of treatment, preventive measures need to be followed. It is desirable to avoid stressful situations and emotional stress, and also try to lead a measured lifestyle.

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