How in Odnoklassniki learn stealth?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
July 6, 2011

Recently, the question of "invisibility" on the site "" explodes the brain of users of the Runet and makes them look for workarounds for the regime. In the forums, homegrown hackers say that they have the answer to the question of how to find out the invisibility in Odnoklassniki. However, young and enterprising programmers are not in a hurry to immediately give an answer. They are asking for one hundred foreign currencies, and they piously swear that as soon as the money goes into their account, all your “invisible” people will be revealed and “burned” in the fire of justice.

There is no information about whether hackers manage to hack the site and bypass the system. In other words, it is not known whether they will recognize the invisible. But, judging by the lack of comments on the forums, none of sensible people do not make deals with hackers.

Classmates: the truth about the mystery invisible

The answer to the question whether it is possible to recognize the invisible being on Odnoklassniki is rather simple and concise. No you can not.In several forums, quite logical arguments were made about why this is not possible.

The fact is that the mode "invisible" on the site "" is a paid service. And this pleasure, which implements the base social needs and fears of some Odnoklassniki users, is not very cheap - 141 rubles and even a few kopecks a month. Due to the considerable price of the service, the level of protection increases hundreds of times, as the site administration GUARANTEES full confidentiality to users of the Invisible Mode. "Bravo!" - I want to say to the developers of the site - a great way to make money on the psychology of modern man, but rather to say the consumer.

Invisible on Odnoklassniki: the old story

However, this was not always the case. Once, namely in 2009, there was a way to overcome the system and the opening of the regime "Invisible". We will describe it, but you can try, but it is unlikely that something will turn out ... All the same, 141 rubles ...

The whole answer lay in the content of the HTML code. Usually opened the source text of the page. The stealth mode was revealed by being in the markup of the code with the stealth card. After that, the following link was extracted from the code:

In the presented link, the parameter "friendId = 240403394919" is the invisible man. To get the page of our schemer, we simply open the site, then any page of the person’s profile and substitute the Id in the link bar. Yeah ... Here he is, our mysterious stranger, who studied in a parallel class until the ninth, then went to the locksmith and was like that. Well hello friend.

The above described method of how to recognize the invisible being in Odnoklassniki is a thing of the past. It remains to praise the administration of the site "" for providing really high-quality services to eliminate the calm of their own favorite users.

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