How can you call yourself?

To date, we can not imagine life withoutthe Internet. Someone spends their working time here, someone is resting, somebody does not happen offline for days at a time. Regardless, who does what, but we all are somehow connected to the Internet, and more than half of humanity occupy themselves by being in social networks. It does not matter in what, now there are just a huge number of them. Young people disappear Vkontakte, Classmates, ICQ and many other similar portals. But all of them are connected with each other by the fact that everything is needed, nickname or login.

What login is best to choose

Each of us does not like to be like the rest,so we constantly try to stand out. In soc. networks or media, it can be perfectly done with your nickname or login. We will show you how to call yourself in the world to be different from others.

In any case, this should be a name close to you, so that it does not cut your ears and does not irritate you. An alias should please you when it is accessed by you.

It should be remembered that a nickname or nicknameperforms a certain function of the mask on the Internet. That's why you think about how you can call yourself Vkontakte, because even at a subconscious level you do not want to offend yourself. By the way, the choice of your nickname also depends on the attitude of the interlocutors to you.

There are some instructions that will tell you how to call yourself beautiful, so that the nickname reflects some of your essence.

  • You need to choose a feature in yourself, which is the mostappreciate (it can be anything - the color of the eyes, hair, height, breast size, legs, ears, eyelashes, and also kindness, diligence, love of colors for technology or anything else that only you can come to mind) form an adjective from this word.
  • Translate it into any language. If you do not know the translation, then find in the dictionary or on the Internet, the one that you like (English, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, etc.) Then write this word in Latin or in the original language.
  • Instead of a character trait or appearance, you canuse the name of a fish, animal or plant, also the name of the planet or star (cat, catfish, Venus, flower, tree, mongoose, etc.). Find the translation of this word.
  • Check the uniqueness of the nickname, if everything is in order, then leave it. If there are problems, retry the search.

How to name yourself in an ascetic

In asuk always prevaildiminutively caressing names, by type, kisyulichka, mnjunichka, garnusik, etc. Also there are lovers just to interpret their names. From Marina - Marinusik, from Christina - Christie, from Ani - Nyuta, from Tamara - Tomik. Exactly the same interpretation can hold and with your name, just think carefully, that it sounded beautiful, and there was no note of ridicule.

How to name yourself on Twitter

In Twitter, many people call themselves simply by name andsurnames, so that it would be easier for them to find a common acquaintance. But, of course, if you want to coarse, then you can dream up. You can take a few letters from your name, surname or patronymic, and connect them in a chaotic order (For example: Maksimishina Ekaterina Valerievna - MaxiKet, Marchenko Irina Eduardovna - Marietta, Kuzmenko Stanislav Leonidovich - KUZSTALEO or something like that, depending on your data).

Now you know how you can call yourself insocial networks to be original and unique. This will allow you to remember your friends when communicating and in games. In addition, a special nick draws the attention of the opposite sex or raises the mood for everyone! We wish you good luck, do not be afraid to fantasize and be original!

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