How and where to relax in the summer cheap

Hello dear readers! In the article we will look at an interesting topic of how to relax in the summer by the river, in the forest or in the mountains. When the summer season begins, you can forget for a moment about everyday work and think about where to relax inexpensively with your family.

Everyone has their own tastes and preferences, so everyone relax in their own way. In the article, I will not consider holidays abroad or on the seashore, I will consider only the most affordable and affordable options.

To rest in the summer, it is not necessary to issue a passport and leave the country or go to the sea coast. In the vicinity of the city there is a river, a picturesque mountain range or a forest filled with fresh air. Any of these places will offer great opportunities in terms of recreation and quite inexpensive.

Step by step preparation for rest

  • Rest is an opportunity to change the atmosphere. If you live in the city, spend your vacation in a place that will help you forget for a moment about traffic jams, hot asphalt and city fuss.Instead of a bus tour of major settlements, go to a quiet place.
  • If you are going on a long journey, buy tickets in advance, prepare money and documents. Practice shows that euphoria occurs before the holidays, which does not allow you to collect your thoughts.
  • When leaving on vacation, close the doors and windows, turn off the taps and turn off electrical appliances. In the washing machine and refrigerator, open the doors, otherwise the technique will have an unpleasant smell.
  • If you are planning to spend your vacation in one of the remote parts of the country, use in advance the preparations that will help you adapt to the new conditions. Tincture of lemongrass or ginseng will help to adapt to water, food and a new time zone. Take money not in the process of vacation, and for a month before the rest.
  • If you are not planning a summer vacation away from civilization, make sure that your backpack contains hiking trivia that will make your time spent in nature comfortable. In a bag, put a thermos, tea, matches, rain coat and other things.
  • Do not forget to take the first-aid kit.Include antipyretic and pain relievers, cures for burns and indigestion. Grab the patch and disinfectant. This kit may not be needed, but just in case, I recommend keeping it with you.

Now consider several options for summer holidays and talk about the benefits. I think with the help of the advice you can easily choose the best option for summer holidays, corresponding to the tastes and preferences of family members.

How to relax in the summer by the river

Photo of a beautiful river

With the arrival of summer, people, trying to get rid of everyday fuss and charge the body with energy, collect things and go on vacation in distant lands. Long-distance vacation is expensive. However, the summer vacation can be longer and more affordable if you go with your family to the shore of a beautiful pond, break the tent city and have fun.

I do not know if you have ever met the dawn on the bank of the river, breathing the morning chill, enjoying the singing of birds and the rustling of leaves. If not, I will say that you have missed an important part of life. Recreation by the river is a life-giving cocktail of thought, vigor and happiness.Visiting one of these places, fill your soul with indescribable feelings, and cool and clean water will bring a lot of pleasure and many health benefits.

During the day, the sky, along with the sun, water and sand, will bestow contagious energy. It will take several days, and vigorous youths will remain from the grumblers who are tired of life. Even if the weather is windy or rainy, you will always find something to do. Go for a walk through the endless flowering fields that bring floral smells to unconsciousness.

And what a beautiful spectacle is the sunset. The river makes this event a miracle of the universe. At the same time, surrounding objects take on a new shape every day. Rest by the river is a summer vacation option for a family, group of friends or a couple in love.

Benefits of relaxing by the river in summer

  1. Unforgettable fishing. It is hard to imagine how many positive emotions are obtained by catching a crucian carp on the bank of a picturesque river. Excitement, waiting for the long-awaited bite, the fight with a large fish. In the end, get a great mood and find peace of mind. And the decoration of the evening table will be a fragrant ear.
  2. Fresh air breeds appetite. Without high-calorie food, summer holidays will not be complete. Fortunately, at any time you can cook shish kebab or bake fish on the coals. The main thing is to grab a brazier and a set of skewers. There are no problems with firewood in nature.
  3. Family gatherings around the campfire. Rest diversify cooking sausages on the fire, which, together with a slice of fresh bread and ketchup will remind you of your childhood and bring a lot of joy.
  4. Holidays suitable for families with children. During the day, children can run in the fresh air, swim, sunbathe and build sandy fortresses. It promotes mental and physical development.
  5. Children do not have to persuade to eat. Wanting to get another batch of impressions, children in a matter of minutes absorb the food offered. Just in case, grab something delicious, variety does not hurt.
  6. Great opportunities for extreme sports.. We are talking about underwater fishing, visiting the islets, swimming across the river and so on.

The river will have an unforgettable vacation close to home. And this is good, because it will help save and extend the rest, because you do not have to spend time on a long trip.

How to plan a rest in the forest

Beautiful forest landscape

The inhabitants of cities spend holidays in nature, where instead of exhaust gases there is clean and fresh air, and a turbid liquid of dubious composition is replaced by clean water. The list of such places is extensive, and one of the leading positions is occupied by the forest.

I decided to consider the matter for no reason, since places that were not touched by human hands pose many dangers. To rest brought only positive emotions and unforgettable impressions, listen to the recommendations.

  • If you spend your holidays in the forest, choose a place for the camp where people had previously rested. Do not chase the forest romance and do not go into the wilderness, otherwise the long-awaited rest can be a disaster: wander into the swamp or go astray.
  • Not every citizen acts as a forester or a villager who constantly goes into the forest to hunt or pick mushrooms. Woodland is not a place to play musculature and show off courage. It is better to go to the forest recreation center, which will provide a wonderful holiday.
  • The forest is the abode of moose, bears and other animals, but I advise you not to be afraid of them, but of mosquitoes. In terms of the city rarely have to deal with them, but in nature they will bring a lot of inconvenience. So go on vacation in the appropriate equipment.
  • For a time, forget about trendy jeans and fancy dresses. For the forest suitable clothing with long sleeves and a hood, tapering pants. It does not hurt to take care of the shoes.
  • If you choose an equipped place, located near the marshes and undergrowth, bring along a special tool that frightens away mosquitoes and crowds. Buy and means that reduces the response to mosquito bites and promotes rapid healing.
  • While in the forest, remember safety. Do not go deep into the thicket alone. Even if you are going to explore the forest with a large company, there must be a person among you who understands the tracks of animals and focuses on the terrain.
  • Rest in the forest may be interesting. Collect mushrooms and berries, professionally photograph landscapes, look for wild honey.
  • Rest in the forest without a campfire is unthinkable. Make fire away from trees and forest vegetation, otherwise there will be a fire. It is not necessary to cut trees for a campfire, because there is a lot of dry brushwood in the forest.
  • After a picnic, make sure you clean up. Do not throw bottles or debris into nearby ponds. Take all waste with you and throw it in the trash.As a result, do not leave traces behind, and people who come to rest after you will be pleased to be in this place.

Once in a wooded area, remember that you are visiting nature and she is the hostess. In the rest of the forest holiday - a summer vacation option for people who are tired of city life. It does not require large cash investments, will delight cooked mushrooms and compote of wild berries.

What you need to relax in the summer in the mountains

Hut in the mountains

In humans, summer vacation is associated with the seashore and sand. Rest in the mountains includes not only walks on snow-capped peaks and ski slopes. In the summer, mountain resorts offer discounts on housing, and hotels located near the sea, raise prices to transcendental size.

If you want to get acquainted with the benefits of summer holidays in the mountains, read the article. While writing, I made a bias on the description of the merits of mountain recreation. After reviewing the material, you must decide to spend your summer holidays at the foot of the nearest mountain.

  1. In summer, the air temperature in the mountains does not exceed 25 degrees. During this period, the climate in the highlands is mild.Therefore, this kind of summer vacation is suitable for people suffering from hypertensive diseases.
  2. As for entertainment, which offers mountain vacations, the list is large. These include pike fishing in mountain lakes, horseback riding, riding on catamarans, boats and bicycles, rafting.
  3. In the mountains, fun for all people, regardless of the article and age. The mountains provide young people with the opportunity to demonstrate endurance and gain adrenaline rush. Adults vacationers, they will relieve stress, help to relax and for the holidays to forget about car exhaust and urban smog.
  4. If you have not previously had to go down the river, the mountains will offer a calm view of the alloy. More experienced people they will appreciate the opportunity to check the courage, strength and endurance on a large river with fast flowing and sharp turns.
  5. Special attention is given to the mountain nature, which is characterized by unique flora and fauna, lush vegetation and clean waters of local rivers. How not to try to describe beauty, to realize its scale, it will be possible only after seeing everything personally.
  6. After spending your holidays in the mountains, improve your health, give your face back a blush, improve your appetite and raise your courage. What to say about the impressions and emotions that will remain in memory for a lifetime.

Doctors advise to visit the mountainous area in the warm season, as climate change contributes to the restoration of the body. First-class mountain resorts are concentrated in Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and France. But, it is not at all necessary to leave the country, after all, we also have mountainous recreation centers worthy of attention and mountain ranges scattered across the territory of the state.

How to set up a campground

The final part of the story is devoted to the rules of the camp. No matter where you go, the quality of rest depends on choosing the right place to set up a tent.

First of all, find a safe place that will protect from gusts of wind and lightning. Do not camp in lowlands, as in the case of rainy weather, moisture will accumulate in this place.

Option - surrounded by obstacles of natural origin. They will protect from heat, rain and wind. Camp is recommended near the source of water, which is useful for cooking and household needs.

Before camp, divide a suitable place into four zones, each with its own purpose.

Place tents in one area.. Place them on a flat, elevated surface. During the installation of temporary housing, make sure that the cords and belts are securely fastened, otherwise the tent will not cope with the pressure provided by strong winds.

In the second section, organize the kitchen.The distance from the field kitchen to the tent is within thirty meters. At first glance it seems that it is a lot, but it is not. At a closer distance, sparks from the fire will reach the tent and damage it. Store products in airtight containers, and immediately wash dirty dishes, otherwise the smell of food will attract animals that will cause a lot of trouble.

The third area - the territory for washing dishes, washing and taking a bath. To ease the plight, try to find a water source near this site. Take care that the soapy liquid does not fall into the water that you use for drinking.

On the fourth platform, arrange a toilet. To the facility must be at least 70 meters from the camp. Dig a small hole that will be used for the disposal of waste products.

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I told how to relax in the summer by the river, in the forest and in the mountains is inexpensive, but fun and interesting.You are familiar with the intricacies of the campsite, which will make the rest in nature comfortable.

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