Hotel "Grand Miramor" 4 * (Kemer, Turkey): photos, description and reviews of tourists

The hotel accepts children of any age. It is designed to accommodate family travelers, couples and youth companies. The cost of trips for three nights for one tourist - 13 500 rubles. The price includes air tickets, meals and entertainment.

First impression

Hotel pool

Grand Miramor in Kemer is a complex of multi-storey residential buildings. They are 320 standard rooms. The hotel covers an area of ​​more than 16,800 m². The hotel is located in the suburbs of the Turkish resort of Kemer. It is 60 km from the international airport. Travel time is about 90 minutes.

The Grand Miramor clients in Kemer have at their disposal two four-storey (A, B) and one seven-storey (C) buildings. The hulls were built in 2011. The overhaul of living rooms and public spaces was carried out in 2017.The hotel has two rooms for people with disabilities. There are no family multi-room apartments.


Standard Apartments

The rooms are non-smoking. Violations of this instruction are subject to a fine. Travelers with animals in the hotel "Grand Miramor" in Kemer do not accept. Begin to settle after 14:00. Release the number on the day of departure to 12:00.

Transport accessibility

The small seaside village of Kirish stretches along the line of the sea. From the hotel to the beach no more than 300 meters. Residential buildings occupy the second line. Opposite the main entrance is a car park. Next to the hotel "Grand Miramor" in Kemer is a grocery supermarket. It sells fresh vegetables and fruits, groceries, cosmetics and beach accessories.

The nearby bistros Abichim Kofte Piyaz, Saray Kebap Restaurant, Ali Baba Restaurant invite you to have a cheap and tasty snack. Post office five minutes walk. In the neighborhood, there are the Star Life, Royal Towers Resort SPA, Diamond Garden, Sailors Beach Club, CBC Hotel Personnel Loymani hotels.You can buy fur products and jewelery made in Turkey in the Tiara Kuyumulyuk and Zhode Kuyumulyuk stores.

Within walking distance of the Grand Miramor Hotel in Kemer, there is a major road junction. Concentrated bus stops. Local taxis ply to Kemer and nearby towns. A trip to Kirishs costs 60 rubles. Traveling outside the resort will cost 120 rubles.

Housing stock

Standart room

The minimum size of standard rooms is 20 m². There are more spacious suites. They occupy 25 m². All rooms have small balconies. The windows overlook the pool or the courtyard area of ​​the Grand Miramor Hotel in Kemer (Turkey).

For the creation of a microclimate responsible individual air conditioning system. Televisions are connected to the Russian-language channels. The bathroom has a shower. Cosmetics, towels, hair dryer.

Connection to high-speed Internet is carried out at a price of 600 rubles for ten days. For storage of documents and personal items in a personal safe you need to pay 120 rubles. Telephone communication is at the expense of the client.Replenishment of the bar is made only after making a deposit.

The hotel "Grand Miramor" in Kirisch (Turkey, Kemer) can order food and drinks in the room. Room service is not included in the price. On the floor in the living room laid laminate board. Fitted single and double beds. A folding sofa is offered as an extra bed.

Suites are cleaned every day. Bed linen and towels are changed three times a week. Request a regular filling of the refrigerator need at the reception desk staff.

Recreation area

View from above

The road to the beach, judging by the reviews of the "Grand Miramor" in Kemer, takes about seven minutes. To get to the coast, you need to cross a busy highway. The beach is pebbly. The entrance to the water is gradual, at the bottom there are small stones. The length of the recreational zone is 50 meters. Hotel guests sun loungers with mattresses and umbrellas are issued free of charge. For dry beach towels you need to pay 300 rubles. The territory of the recreation zone is private and belongs to the owners of the hotel.


Every week for residents of the hotel "Grand Miramor" (Turkey,Kemer) administration organizes dance and entertainment evenings. Holds the traditional show "Turkish Night". Free admission. For drinks you have to pay The animation team works with children. It has five instructors. The theme club for preschoolers is functioning during the day.


At the hotel there are two bars. Sultan is open from 10:00 to 22:30. "Both" is open from 10:00 to 17:00. The catering for the residents of the Grand Miramor Hotel in Kirisch (Kemer) is provided by a restaurant. It operates the system "Buffet". The All Inclusive service is available from 10:00 to 22:30. For imported alcohol and fresh juices you need to pay.

Schedule meals in the restaurant:

  • from 07:00 to 09:30 - breakfast;
  • from 09:30 to 10:30 - morning snack;
  • from 12:30 to 14:00 - lunch;
  • From 15:30 to 17:00 - snacks on a fixed menu;
  • from 17:00 to 18:00 - tea ceremony;
  • from 19:00 to 21:00 - dinner.


Hotel territory

The infrastructure of the hotel includes: its own amphitheater, currency exchange, laundry complex, car parking, water zone. Parking on site is free. Reception staff accept Visa and MasterCard. Free access to the Internet is available in the lobby.

For babies

Kids Club

As the hotel is focused on accommodating families with small children, it has everything you need for a comfortable and safe holiday for children. Cots are provided free of charge. The restaurant has special high chairs. There is a playground in the yard. The theme club is waiting for children under 12 years old.

Schedule of circles and sections:

  • from 10:00 to 12:00 - morning shift;
  • from 15:00 to 17:00 - day shift.

Pot pots are not provided. You can rent a stroller for free. The number of vehicles is limited. For children, there are two swimming pools. One is on the street, the second is indoor. The first is 5 m². The second pool is 4 m².


The travelers are provided with a modern conference hall equipped with office equipment. The room must be pre-booked. Its use is not included in the price.


The hotel has two large swimming pools. One is indoor, the other is outside. The latter is equipped with water slides. Its area is 300 m². There is no water heating system.The outdoor pool is open from 08:00 to 19:00. Water slides operate from 10:30 to 12:00 and from 15:30 to 17:00.

The size of the indoor pool is 60 m². The aquacomplex is open from 08:00 to 19:00. Works year-round.

Bath center

The cost of trips includes a visit to the Turkish hamam and sauna. For massage procedures you need to pay out of pocket. In reviews of the Grand Miramor Hotel in Kemer, the medical staff of the local SPA center is praised. Travelers recommend wellness and anti-aging programs.

Sports opportunities

A modern gym is available to keep tourists in shape. It is equipped with power and aerobic zones. Ping-pong tables are available. Volleyball nets on the beach. There is a pool table. Table rent is paid. All necessary equipment is issued by the operator of the gaming area.

Positive reviews

Hotel hall

Most vacationers liked the service at the hotel. The hotel is located in a picturesque gorge, at the very foot of the mountain. All infrastructure facilities within walking distance. At the service of travelers are shops selling household chemicals, cosmetics, clothing, spirits, Turkish sweets.

Affordable price justifies minor issues that Russians prefer not to pay attention to. The territory of the hotel complex is small. It is compact, but cozy and well-groomed. The hotel staff zealously maintain order, watering flower beds and pruning tree crowns.

During the check-in procedure, tourists are given a tour of the hotel’s properties. Then they are led to a restaurant. After handing the keys to the clean room. Those who arrive early in the morning can have breakfast and leave things in the storage room. You can relax and change clothes in the bath complex.

There are no complaints about the numbers. Plumbing all serviceable, the furniture is relatively new. Problems and disputes are resolved in favor of the guests. Customer requests are made promptly. The proximity to the beach is an obvious advantage of the hotel. The road is smooth, is in the shade. On the coast are treated with lemonade, tea and coffee. Give hot tortillas and fresh bread.

The maids do not neglect their duties. The rooms are cleaned every day. Bed linen and bath towels are changed regularly. The restaurant feed is delicious. The menu is varied, but there are not very many meat dishes.They are mainly served for dinner. In the morning they feed them with pastries, sausages, fried eggs and cereals. For lunch, cook soups, side dishes, meatballs and sausages.

Negative reviews

Not everyone liked the hotel service. Many complain about the quality of cleaning in the rooms. They say that maids try only in those apartments in which they were left to tip. Animation programs are boring and designed for children of ten years. Teenagers are bored. Kids can not be included in the overall game.

For adults there is almost no entertainment. Evening shows quickly get bored. The abundance of paid services is annoying. The hotel has to pay for everything. Vacationers have to shell out for using the safe, internet connection, transfer and tips.

The restaurant has a large number of flies. Insects swarm over cooked food and sit on open food. The spectacle is very unpleasant. Such a large number of midges speaks of unsanitary conditions in the cooking zone for guests. In the dining room tables are not always clean. Staff can not cope with their duties. Dishes are washed badly.

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