It will take just a few hours to get from one end of the earth to the other. Earlier, it took a day or even a week to find yourself in a neighboring country. And such progress was due to the aircraft.

Denver International Airport

At the tenth place in the list of the 10 largest airports in the world is the huge airport in Denver, USA. The territory of this air terminal and runways occupy approximately 140 square kilometers. The airport in Denver began to work not so long ago, he began to take the first aircraft in 1995. During the years of existence, an unimaginable number of flights have been made here, the number is already approaching a million, according to the latest data.
For the convenience of passengers, everything is provided here. You can pass the long hours of waiting at the airport on the Internet, at the air terminal there is free access to the network via Wi-Fi. By the way, Denver is very interesting for its design decision. At the entrance and approach, he attracts the attention of a non-standard design in the form of mountain peaks, which are covered with snow.

Hong Kong International Airport

The main and best airport in China is called Cheklapkok. It ranks ninth in the ranking of the largest airports in the world. He, by the way, has a remarkable feature, this location. Cheklapkok built on the same island of artificial origin. Every day dozens of cargo and passenger planes land here. The Hong Kong airport was opened later Denver - in 1998. For a half decade, Cheklapkok had more than once flown to the top of the ratings of the best airports in the world.
Hong Kong Airport is one of the largest in AsiaHong Kong Airport is one of the largest in Asia

Frankfurt Airport

The airport in Frankfurt am Main is the real pride of Germany. And it holds fast in the top 10 and largest airports in the world. Here is a truly frantic passenger traffic - about 60 million people a year. 70 thousand people serve the guests of the city and the aircraft. They work daily and around the clock. By the way, the road to the airport from the city is not the closest. But in order to get to the terminals without problems, special routes of buses and trains are organized in the country. But for lovers of comfort - a taxi, with the cost of a trip of 50 euros.

Charles de Gaulle International Airport

The airport Charles de Gaulle, which is named after one of the presidents of France, is known throughout the world. He is already quite adult, compared with previous rating participants. Founded the airport in 1974. And now he proudly bears the title of one of the largest airports in the world. On its territory there are many entertainment facilities where you can spend hours waiting for flights: these are shops, bars, cafes, restaurants. Each day, Charles de Gaulle Airport receives approximately 150 thousand people.

Dallas International Airport

This airport boasts seven runways. However, a lot of attention here is paid to freight traffic, and not passenger. In 2007, the Dallas airport even took the title of the best cargo. It is located in the US state of Texas and occupies approximately 7.5 thousand hectares. This is a huge area for the airport. And according to the latest data, passenger traffic per day is about 60 thousand people.
Dallas International Airport has 7 runwaysDallas International Airport has 7 runways

Los Angeles International Airport

This is truly a giant airport, which impresses with its convenience and simplicity.But some guests find it ugly. Nevertheless, it should be noted that Los Angeles Airport is of high quality and, most importantly, quickly performs its functions. Passenger traffic per day is almost 70 thousand people. And this ensures him the fifth place in the ranking of the 10 largest airports in the world. He, by the way, is equipped with eight terminals and four runways.

Haneda International Airport

The largest Japanese airport now serves about 100 thousand people every day. Haneda Airport was founded in 1937. And then he occupied a rather small territory. Gradually, the building became wider, and the runways more. And now it is a huge airport with high quality service and well-functioning structure. Haneda’s main competitor is Narita, another airport in Tokyo, which is famous for its high passenger traffic.

Heathrow Airport

The largest airport, though not in the world, but in Europe, is Heathrow Airport. In the list of world he is in third place. The airport is located in the UK, built it in 1930. In the early years, Heathrow was famous for six take-off lines for landing and take-off. Now there are only two lanes at the airport.And such changes are connected with the fact that the bands expanded and lengthened over time. As a result, it was decided to reduce the number of lanes without changing the quality. Anyway, almost 100 airlines of the world cooperate with this English airport.
Departure from Heathrow Airport (HEATHROW terminal 5).

O’Hara Airport

O’Hare Airport is located near Chicago and is reputed to be perhaps the largest in the world. He now ranks second on the list of the largest airports in the world. The year 2005 turned out to be very productive for O’Hara’s activities, when almost a million flights were made. But today there is a crazy passenger traffic a day. However, because of this, the quality of service suffers quite seriously. O’Hara Airport is considered one of the most harmful, because it cancels one sixth of all flights.

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

The largest airport in the world is Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. He is the most powerful in America and all over the planet. Passenger traffic is over 92 million people. The airport is located in the state of Georgia, near Atlanta. And carries out flights literally in all directions.But many flights still have an internal character, that is, passengers move only within the country. And all because in America it is often cheaper to get to another state by air than by land. The airport is named after one of the mayors - M. Jackson.

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