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The handwriting is not only beautiful or illegiblewritten letters, but also an indicator of the nature and mental state of a person. There is a certain science that studies different styles of writing and how to determine the character by handwriting. Understanding the manner of writing, you can easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of the writer, as well as his emotional and mental state. The ability to understand the person by her handwriting will necessarily have a positive impact on the relationship with loved ones. There will be an opportunity to communicate with them at the level at which it was unthinkable to talk before.
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Small letters

Small handwriting, like a tiny beads,indicates the rationality and prudence in the character of the writer. Such a person has great self-control, he is quite observant. Round letters refer to the desire to draw attention to one's personality, as well as the fact that a person is inclined to scope and has a high sense of self-worth. Ordinary and impractical - not for him. Rounded small letter forms indicate self-reliance, ease of communication, as well as activity and ambition. Letters that are too small speak of their possessor as a sensible and reserved person, who often behaves carefully and circumspectly. It is very important to know what the handwriting says. So, the slim and concise manner of writing is inherent in mercantile and conservative people.

how to define character by handwriting

Sweeping manner

Types of handwriting are very different. And accordingly, the character traits of people also differ. Holders of sweeping handwriting are endowed with strategic abilities. Such people are inclined to enterprise. They think systemically and globally. In an unfamiliar setting, they are easy to navigate. They lead an active and sociable way of life. Such personalities are extroverts, they find a common language with almost everyone, they love to joke and show themselves. Life goes easily, not bothering over minor problems. Try to treat everything with optimism and joy. They perceive the mistakes of the past as a necessary life experience.

What is written? Unclear

Very often there are people who haveillegible handwriting. This is a measure of stealth. These people are trying to hide their true position. Often trying to mislead the interlocutor, constantly wagging and cunning. They are afraid to become understood. Being an open book for them is almost equivalent to dying. Fraudulent naivete and openness - that's what the handwriting of this type says. In fact, the owners of an illegible manner of writing carefully observe the interlocutor and can quite unexpectedly resort to manipulation of a person, relying on previously collected information about him. Such subjects are extremely dangerous. After all, they constantly wear a "mask", which can confuse a person. In fact, they are formal and fairly formal, with a certain confluence of circumstances, give out their bureaucracy. They are stubborn, have an established opinion about everything in life, and are also under the influence of stereotypes.

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The pretentiousness of a letter

What does the exquisite handwriting say? This is a sign of vanity and great conceit, which is often too exaggerated. Balanced people are not inclined to infatuation with curly curls. They try to deduce letters clearly and clearly for the reader. Even in the past centuries, figured handwriting was a testament to noble origin. But today the view has changed. In our days of constant fuss and turbulent life, the excessive flowery of letters indicates only the desire to stand out and draw as much attention as possible to your person.

Press and speed

Pressure and speed of writing are another importantdetails in the answer to the question of how to determine the character by handwriting. Quickly emerging scribbles are an indicator of a nervous personality that is not capable of thinking deeply, and often prone to hasty decision-making.

types of handwriting

Strong and weak pressure

Individuals are calm, possessing an iron will,Write exactly and clearly. The letters are clearly visible, since the pressure on the handle is strong. However, too much pressure on a writing instrument can be an indicator of a passionate and self-centered nature, unable to contain its inner impulses and feelings.

A weak, poorly visible handwriting can be an indicator of insufficient physical strength or the timid nature of the writer.


If the letters are drawn too carefully, thick andthin lines are uniformly and correctly alternating, this is evidence that the holder of this handwriting takes a subordinate position in the work or even personal life. He does not have a well-developed imagination and is not able to express his own opinion clearly. Monotony in the manner of writing, the predominance of thick lines, blurring in the difference between the ascending and descending lines indicate a coarse and indelicate man.

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What does the slope show?

Kinds of handwriting depend to a large extent on the inclination of the letters. He is one of the most important characteristics of the manner of writing and carries important information about the character of the person.

Direct type of handwriting

The handwriting, devoid of slope and completely straight,characterizes a thoughtful person with great self-control and endurance. Such a person basically behaves coldly and restrained towards others, and reacts to important events emotionlessly.

Tilt right

If the written letters have a barely noticeable slopeto the right, then this indicates a nature emotionally sensitive and prone to artistry. With a large slant to the right, these character traits seem to be amplified. The person who writes this style has great emotionality. Often he loses control over his temperament and can be extremely sensitive to small things.

Tilt left

Less common is the slope to the left.If he is easy, then such a person is sufficiently reserved and proud, almost has no predisposition to art. With a large slant to the left, the writer can be spoken of as a person, often overwhelming his emotional manifestations. For this reason, long periods of bad mood or acute melancholic seizures may occur.

It is important to remember one more detail, analyzing the slopeand handwriting. This is the mood of the person at the time of writing. After all, slope is an indicator of the state of mind. So, for example, in an angry letter or in a love letter, the slope of the handwriting is seen more clearly than is usually the case for a person.

small handwriting


If the writing person observes the samedistance between words, evenly presses on the pen, observes accuracy, then this indicates its balance and willpower. Quite large indentations between words indicate a selfish nature, from which it will be difficult to establish contact. An optimistic and romantic person near the fields of the sheet raises the lines up. If, on the contrary, the lines go down, this is a sign of a sentimental nature and a depressive nature.


To determine the originality of the signature anddetection of falsified documents is often carried out handwriting expertise. When carrying out such a procedure, it becomes possible to establish the authenticity of the person who signed the papers or wrote the text. For this, samples of the handwriting of suspect people are taken and compared with evidence. Such expertise often serves as a good helper in dealing with intricate court cases regarding falsifications of important documentation.

practical graphology how to recognize the character in handwriting

Individuality and signature

In most cases, the signature and mannerletters of personality are individual and differ from others. They carry information about personally-defined signs belonging to a particular person. They carry out identification and character recognition. Handwriting expertise also helps to learn the following facts: in what state a person performed the signature, under pressure from outside or at will, in unusual conditions or in the usual situation, with his real handwriting or a changed style of writing. During the procedure, experts study samples of handwriting and human signature, paying special attention to the pace of writing, the shape of letters, the direction and incline, pressing and working out the lines. Of great importance in establishing the person on whose behalf the documents were allegedly signed, have transcription and handwriting affinity.

The Importance of Graphology in Real Life

In real life and communication with people can veryhelp such an object as practical graphology. How to know the nature of the handwriting and determine the state of mind of a person? It is to these questions that this science answers. Using information on the types of handwriting, the relationship between the style of writing and the temperament of a person, you can discover many new and interesting factors. Difficulties in talking with a friend will evaporate, relations with relatives will improve, and personal life will become brighter and more intense. To do this, you need to learn how to correctly use the above information about a variety of types of handwriting. Then to understand people and find a common language with them will be many times easier.

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