Guest house "Villa Laguna" (Gelendzhik, Russia): review, description and reviews of tourists

There is a place in the resort of Gelendzhik, beautiful inall relationships. A good ecological situation, silence, tranquility and at the same time a developed urban infrastructure make this area very popular with holidaymakers. It is called "Blue Bay" (Gelendzhik). "Villa Laguna" is a guest house, which is located in the heart of this elite area of ​​the Black Sea resort. His review will be devoted to this article. To make a description of the mini-hotel, we analyzed the reviews of those tourists who had a chance to spend their holidays in one of the rooms of Villa Laguna.Villa Laguna Gelendzhik

Where is the "Villa Laguna" (guest house, 3 *)

Gelendzhik, micro district "Blue Bay", st. Cypress, 2 - this is the address of this mini-hotel. Despite the fact that the central part of the resort is located quite far away, tourists did not call this a problem. Directly at the walls of the guest house "Villa Laguna" there is a bus stop. The trip to the center takes about fifteen minutes. Cypress Street - very quiet and quiet, built up by private houses. "Villa Laguna" is easy to find, it stands out with one of its appearance. It stands on the corner where the road makes a turn. This is a three-storey cream-colored building with a beautiful brick finish. It was built in the fourteenth year, and its novelty pleases the view. To get here from Gelendzhik airport, it will take only ten minutes drive. If you arrive at the resort by train, then a trip from Novorossiysk railway station will take an hour.Guest house villa Laguna Gelendzhik


"Villa Laguna" (Gelendzhik) consists of oneresidential building in three floors. The fourth level is adapted for a solarium. It is good to take a sun bath after you have refreshed yourself in the pool. By the way, it is located in front of the house. The building of the mini-hotel is built in the form of the letter "G". Half of the rooms, therefore, leave the shared balcony on the pool. If you like silence, reviews of tourists are advised to choose a room with windows on the road. This highway is used infrequently, and quiet nights are guaranteed to you. And the pool can sit companies, the noise from which is amplified by the echo of the courtyard. The territory of the guest house is characterized by tourists as well-kept, clean. In the courtyard and on the roof-solarium there are barbecues, where for a fee you can prepare yourself a shish kebab or a dish on the grill. On the upper floors lead spiral staircases with forged rails. The doors of these rooms overlook the shared balcony. Guests occupying the rooms on the ground floor have a priority individual access to the pool.Villa Lagoon 3 Gelendzhik

Number of rooms. Categories

The mini-hotel "Villa Laguna" (Gelendzhik) hasthirty-four rooms, equipped in such a way that the guests feel comfortable and cozy in them. The rooms are divided into categories. The lowest of them is the "standard economy". The room is for two or three people. It has one double bed and one single bed. "Economists" are located in the basement of the building. The next step in the number of rooms of the guest house "Villa Laguna" - the standard without a balcony. With the same area as the "economy" (eighteen square meters), there is better filling. The name "standard with balcony" speaks for itself. The junior suite consists of a bedroom and a sitting area. The area of ​​this room is twenty-six square meters. There is an extensive balcony overlooking the sea. The room has additional amenities: mini fridge, kettle, microwave. There are two types of suites in the guest house. The first is an ordinary one, and the second one is equipped with a mini-kitchen. There are in the hotel and apartments. Lovers of luxury vacation can choose the usual, with a balcony, consisting of a kitchen, a bedroom, a living room and a bathroom. But there is in the "Villa Laguna" and something more abruptly. This is a two-level apartment. Its total area is 74 square meters. On the lower floor there is an entrance hall and a spacious bathroom with a washing machine and a bath. On the upper level there is a bedroom and a living room. In the latter there is a full kitchen with a dining area, a sofa, armchairs and a plasma TV. This apartment has a panoramic view of the sea.Hotel Villa Laguna Gelendzhik

Room facilities

We have already considered rooms of higher categories. But in the usual "standards" and even in the "economical" guests of the guest house "Villa Laguna" (Gelendzhik) feel quite comfortable. In the room of the lowest category there is a central climate control system, mini fridge, LCD TV, hallway with mirror, coffee table, wardrobe. In the bathroom "economy", "standards" and "delux" there is a shower. Cleaned in rooms every day. There were no complaints about the quality of the maid's work. On the fifth day of stay, bed linens are changed. Tourists say that if there is any breakdown in the rooms, it is quickly eliminated.Villa Laguna Gelendzhik reviews


Guest house «Villa Laguna» (Gelendzhik) reviewscharacterize as BB ("Bad End and Breckfest"). But breakfasts are included in the cost of living not always, but only in the summer and in the velvet season. In May and October, you can order morning meals, including delivery to your room. Breakfast is served in the cafe "Laguna", which is located in the dormitory. Reviews of tourists claim that the set of dishes for the morning meal is quite large. No one went hungry. In a mini-hotel for a fee, you can book half or full board. The cooks of the cafe specialize in the cuisine of Europe. Reviews mention delicious strudel, Viennese steak. Portions are large, the dishes are delicious. Prices are average for the resort. "Blue Bay" is a quiet sleeping area. Cafe there is not very much. Therefore, reviews of tourists recommend dining in your hotel - conveniently, tasty, inexpensive, safe.Villa lagoon guest house 3 Gelendzhik


No picture of the territory of the guest house"Villa Laguna" (Gelendzhik), made by tourists, can not do without this tank with turquoise water. The hotel's swimming pool is spacious. It is decorated in the form of a lagoon and has smooth shapes. In addition, given that the pool is in the shade, it is heated. Tourists consider this a huge plus. But this is not all the merits of the pool. It has the functions of a jacuzzi (hydromassage). And calcite deposits in the cervical spine will break the cascade. At the fence separating the guest house from the neighboring building, there are several sun beds. But you can not sunbathe on them until noon, when the sun is at its zenith. More comfortable will be located in the solarium on the roof. There are also beds and there are canopies. The pool, as the administration of the mini-hotel assures, is cleaned with a special modern means, so that the smell of bleach is not felt.


To the public beach to go the slowest stepabout seven minutes. As assured by the reviews, the guest house "Villa Laguna" (Gelendzhik) is located almost on the beach. The beach is pebbly, well protected from storms by capes, so there are no waves. It is quite equipped - there are cabins for changing clothes, you can rent beds. Pebbles - medium size, at the edge of the sea is shallow. People on the beach a lot, but this does not affect the quality of water. After all, "Blue Bay" was and remains the most environmentally safe area of ​​the resort Gelendzhik. There are on the beach and entertainment such as riding on a banana or catamarans. Sea walks and other entertainment are arranged. Reviews do not recommend walking left and right from the public beach to the "wild" places, because there are not cleaned, and you can step on the glass.Guest house villa Laguna Gelendzhik reviews

Services and Services

Hotel Villa Laguna (Gelendzhik) positionsitself as a three-star hotel. In the basement of the building there is a garage, where guests can park their car for a fee. And near the guest house there is parking, which is under the clock surveillance. There you can leave the car for free. From the services of reviews recall the included in the price of the room access to the Internet. But if you "have no life without wi-faia", tourists recommend booking a room on the ground floor - the only router is at the reception desk. By the way, about the reception desk. The girls there are so kind that they can help you book excursions around the city and the surroundings of Gelendzhik, organize fishing on a yacht, riding a horse or riding a quad bike. At the reception there is also a luggage storage room - free for guests. The most popular service in the mini-hotel is a wood-fired sauna with a private pool and a relaxation room. This service, as well as bicycle rental, is paid. But you can absolutely free to take the administration of equipment for table tennis. For a fee, you can take clothes to the laundry and order a transfer to any point in the Krasnodar Territory.

Conditions for family rest

Many people know that this is a children's resort - Gelendzhik. Hotel "Villa Laguna" provided for its youngest guests a shallow zone in the swimming pool, as well as a game room filled with toys. But there is no mini club in the hotel, and children can play there under the supervision of their parents. Breakfasts included in the price always consist of a dish that is useful to a growing body. There are milk flakes, flakes, and pancakes. Children under the age of five can stay in the hotel for free, provided they do not eat at the cafe. Breakfasts and other meals require additional funds.

Price list

Tourists insist that "Villa Laguna 3 *"(Gelendzhik) meets its cost. In the season of 2016, prices there were democratic. The whole number "Economy" in May and October cost two thousand rubles. And at the height of the season its cost reached 3200 rubles. The most popular category of rooms in a mini-hotel is the "standard". Without a balcony it cost from 2,200 to three and a half thousand rubles a day. The presence of a makeweight outside the window increased its cost by four hundred rubles a day. As for the "apartments", the price for them is high at any time. In low season it is five, and in high season - six and a half thousand rubles a day.

"Villa Laguna" Gelendzhik: reviews

Tourists were satisfied with their stay in themini-hotels. They highly appreciated its location relative to the sea. Everyone liked the heated pool and the sauna on the wood. The rooms are beautifully decorated and clean. The staff is friendly, trying to please everything. The cafe is very tasty food. Many independent tourists, having tried the kitchen in local places of public catering, have chosen the dining room of the Villa Laguna. Most tourists who wrote reviews, visited the guest house is not the first time. They argue that when they visit again, clients are entitled to a 10% discount.

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