Guest house "Rainbow", Kabardinka: photos and reviews. Rest on the Black Sea

Kabardinka village is one of the most popularresorts of the Black Sea coast. There is this small town on the coast, between the cities of Gelendzhik and Novorossiysk. The secret of the demand for this resort is, first of all, its well-developed tourist infrastructure. For example, inexpensive and quite tolerable housing in the village can be removed very easily. A good service at this resort is offered to tourists by many hotels, including the "Rainbow" guest house. Kabardinka - the village, among other things, is also very well maintained. Therefore, to relax here is really nice.

Hotel location peculiarities

The mini-hotel "Rainbow" was built on a quiet southernstreet, away from dusty freeways and streets with crowds of tourists. No noise to rest his guests does not interfere. At the same time, only about 10 minutes walk to the center of the village with its shops, bazaars, pharmacies and entertainment facilities from the Raduga Hotel. Near the hotel there is a boarding house "Nadezhda-5", where, if you want, you can visit the water park. From the sea the hotel is, unfortunately, quite far away.

guest house rainbow kabardinka

Accessibility with regard to passenger transport hubs is something for which, among other things, has earned good reviewsguest house "Rainbow" (Kabardinka). Black Seain our country is really very popular. Railways and flights during the summer period there is organized just a huge amount.Railway station in Kabardinka,Unfortunately,no. Most tourists who booked rooms in the hotel "Rainbow", reach the train to Anapa. They then take the bus.The distance from Anapa to the village is 71 km. Also, if you want, you can take train tickets to Novorossiysk. From here to KabardinkaTotal25 km.

Of course, tourists who booked rooms inthis hotel, you can reach the Black Sea and by plane. In this case, you need to fly to Anapa or Gelendzhik. From the far corners of Russia, vacationers often fly to Krasnodar, and then change to a train or another plane. From the airports of the Black Sea cities to Kabardinka can also be reached by bus.The station in the very village is nearby.from the hotel (about 800 m). If you want, you can even walk to the hotel. In addition, by prior arrangement, the hotel reserves the right to order a transfer.

general description

RepresentsGuest House"Rainbow"(Kabardinka)three-story building is quite interestingArchitecture with a large spiral staircase, lined with lianas. The courtyard of the hotel is tiled and landscaped, and therefore looks attractive enough. In addition to swimming pools, on-site parking is available for a fee.

kabardinka guest houses rainbow

The rooms are for non-smokers only. Accommodation with animals in the hotel is also prohibited.In addition to the main floors, the hotel building has an attic. There are also comfortable rooms. Besides,in the attic is equipped with a large terrace for sunbathing. From it, among other things, there are also truly wonderful views of the sea and the city.

Number of rooms

If desired, vacationers can rent one of the 15 well-appointed rooms in the hotel. Guest house "Rainbow" (Kabardinka) offers tourists:

  • Class rooms are standard (2, 3 and 4-bed);

  • apartment for 6 people.

Room facilities

Equipped with all the rooms of the hotel very well. In the three- and four-seater standards, as well as in the apartments there are showers. In addition to beds, in the rooms standard there are soft corners, tables and chairs, cabinets,refrigeratorsand TV. All rooms are air-conditioned. Most rooms have balconies.Of course, there are in the hotel rooms and mirrors.If necessary, additional rooms can be booked in the hotel's rooms.

Opinion of guests about rooms

Reviews about the guest house "Rainbow" in Kabardinka innetworks are mostly good. Most visitors think that the rooms in this hotel are cozy enough. Maid servants are cleaned often. Wash floors and wipe the dust of a hotel employee once every five days. With the same frequency, the bed linen is changed at the hotel. To the guests of the hotel staff are very polite and friendly.

 guest house rainbow kabardinka reviews 2016

The good reviews of the rooms of this hotel deservefirst of all for the presence of TV and refrigerator. This, of course, is very convenient. True, refrigerators in the hotel rooms are installed, according to many guests, too small. Also, some complaints about the hotel's "Rainbow" hotel deserve for the bathrooms a very small area.

Hotel Infrastructure

Of course, he offers his guests anda large number of various additional amenities of the guest house "Rainbow" (Kabardinka). Reviews in 2016 about the infrastructure of this hotel are as good as in previous years.

On the territory of the hotel guests havepossibility to use the pool for free. Many tourists prefer the hotel for its presence. Swim in the hotel pool, according to many holidaymakers, very convenient. Its dimensions are quite large. Satisfied with many guests and its depth. Wash the pool basin often enough. And therefore the water in it is always clean. In addition to an adult, there is a small children's pool on site.

Rest at the hotel "Rainbow", as many vacationers consider, it is convenient also because there are:

  • laundry (extra);

  • coolers on the floors;

  • Wi-Fi in the grounds.

Guests can also use the ironing board and iron.

guest house rainbow kabardinka photo

Dining at the hotel

Breakfasts or any boarding house at the hotel is notprovided. Guest house "Raduga" (Kabardinka), the description of which has been given in full detail above, however, gives its guests the opportunity to prepare meals independently. On the territory of the hotel, among other things, there is a summer kitchen. This room has a fairly large area and is well equipped. Therefore, guests can prepare their own breakfast, lunch or dinner at any time absolutely freely. Among other things, in the kitchen the hotel has an electric stove, kettles, sets of dishes. There is also a chef in the hotel. He tenants can order cooking for a fee.

If desired, the guests of the Raduga Hotel can,of course, to eat in any dining room or in a cafe in the city itself. There are many such establishments in Kabardinka, including near the hotel. Dishes in most urban catering establishments are served quality and delicious.

Hotel beach

From the coastline the guest house "Raduga"(Kabardinka) is located far enough. The nearest beach is about 400 meters away. Go to it you need not too long - about 10 min. Of course, on the beach you can rent a chaise longue or an umbrella. Also on the beach there are canopies in this place. Get to the beach, located next to the hotel "Rainbow", you need on Kornitsky Street in the direction of the sea.

Among other things, tourists on the shorelinein this place all kinds of water entertainments are offered. The total length of the beach is about 1.5 km. The beach is covered with pebbles and stones. Therefore, swimming here is best in slates. Buy them if necessary, like any other beach accessories, you can in one of the many shops operating near the hotel and the sea. The beach of the hotel "Rainbow" is very clean. Clean the coastline here all the time.

guest house rainbow kabardinka black sea

Cost of living in the hotel

Price for a trip to the sea with accommodation in this hotelnot too high. This is also something for which this hotel has earned good reviews. 12 nights in the hotel, depending on the season, are about 17-17.5 thousand rubles. For additional space for the child in the hotel take 8.5-9 thousand rubles. The cost of the tour to the guest house "Raduga" (Kabardinka), in addition to the actual residence, includes accident insurance and travel in a tourist bus. On the itinerary, tourists are provided with tea and coffee.

 guest house rainbow kabardinka descriptionInfrastructure of the city near the hotel

Thus, very convenient offers to touristsetc. Kabardinka guest houses. "Rainbow" in this case - one of the most comfortable. Of course, the guests of this hotel, like any other in the village, have the opportunity to make full use of its tourist infrastructure.

The most popular chain of shops in Kabardinka,as well as practically everywhere in the Black Sea, is "Magnet". In Kabardinka, such shopping centers are located on the street. Revolutionary, 86 and st. Friendship, 2. There is, of course, in this village and an ATM of Sberbank. You can withdraw money from the card by street. Revolutionary, 88 a. ATMs of other banks in the village may not be. It's worth keeping in mind. The nearest terminals of Alfa Bank, for example, are located only in Gelendzhik.

Attractions available

Of course, in Kabardinka there are places thatleisure is definitely worth visiting for tourists who have chosen to stay at the Black Sea guest house "Rainbow" (Kabardinka). Photos of this hotel, presented on the page, its comfort show. As for the sights, the most interesting tourists in the village consider:

  • Old park.

  • The Kastal font.

The most attractive place to visit isKabardinka is, of course, considered the Old Park. This is the only landmark in the country, where the models of the famous architectural buildings of the whole world are collected. If desired, the park can look at the pyramids of Ancient Egypt and the Sphinx, the temple of Zeus, the House of the East, etc. Works the Old Park from 8 am to 10 pm. Tickets for his visit are about 300 rubles. for adults and 150 rubles. for children.

guest house rainbow kabardinka tourist reviews

The Kastal font is a smalla castle built on an island among the water. There is a small zoo with peacocks. Many tourists pay the opportunity to go fishing in a pond in which a trout is bred. There is a font to the address: st. Revolutionary, d. 148 a.

Guest house "Rainbow" (Kabardinka), reviewstourists about which are good yet and therefore located near all these interesting places. If desired, each of them can be easily reached by public transport or even just by making an enjoyable hike through this wonderful southern village.

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