Grigory Drozd: Champion on Vacation

In the world of martial arts there are not too often masters of several shock directions at once. Nevertheless, there are such specialists, and one of them is the famous fighter from the Russian Federation Grigory Drozd. We will talk about his fate and career in the article.

Emergence and Early Life

Grigory Anatolyevich Drozd was born on August 26, 1979 in a small town called Prokopyevsk, which is located in the southern part of Siberia (Kemerovo region). Our hero came to the sport at the age of twelve, and his first combat was karate. He devoted three years of his life to this eastern style. However, later the young man retrained in a kickboxer and was able to win the world championship. At the age of 15, Grigory Drozd became the best at the All-Russian Junior Tournament, after which he soon won a bronze medal at the Asian Championship.

Grigoriy Drozd

Thai boxing achievements

In 1995, the fighter became the champion of the CIS in Thai boxing. And two years later, Grisha became the third in the world championship, and despite the fact that at that time he was the youngest athlete in the tournament.Then there were two gold championships of the Old World, thanks to which he became a master of sports of international class. In 2001, he again went to Bangkok and once again became the gold medalist of the world championship. For his achievements in this sport, Grigoriy Anatolyevich Drozd was elected head of the Thai Boxing Federation of the Russian capital.

Boxing career

In the amateur ring, the athlete had only three fights, in all of which he emerged victorious. As a professional, the fighter first entered the ring in the spring of 2001. Drozd chose the first heavy weight as its weight category. Literally a year after he began playing in the professional ring, he was able to become the champion of Siberia, and some time later he had already surrendered to the Russian champion title.

Grigoriy Anatolievich Drozd

In the spring of 2004, Grigory Drozd won a significant title in boxing - the IBO champion belt. In that battle, the Russians resisted the most experienced representative of Mexico, Saul Montana. Grisha's opponent was knocked out in the ninth three-minute.

First loss

The only current loss to Drozd occurred in the fall of 2006. It happened in the framework of the qualifying match for the right to become the official challenger for the WBA world champion belt.Unfortunately, in that battle, Grigory lost to Firath Arslan, and the defeat was early in the fifth three-minute. After this fight, the Russian again had a successful series of battles, but in the battle with the American Darnell Wilson, despite the victory, was seriously injured and was forced to take a long pause for treatment, which lasted a year and a half.


In the spring of 2011, Grigory Drozd returned to boxing and defeated Remigius Ziausis. After that, Richard Hall was defeated. And on December 17, 2012, the Russian won against Frenchman Jean-Marc Monrose and became the intercontinental WBA champion. At the same time in the course of the battle the representative of France was twice knocked down.

Grigoriy Drozd Boxer

In the autumn of 2013, Grigory Drozd, whose biography is full of sporting achievements, was able to knock out an experienced Pole Mateusz Masternak and thereby win the title of the best on the European continent. Six months later, he was defeated by the Frenchman Jeremy Wannu, who was knocked out at the beginning of the bout.

The strongest on the planet

Grigory Drozd is a boxer who is not used to stopping at the achieved result. And therefore, in September 2014, he entered the ring in the status of an underdog and an outsider against Krzysztof Volodarchik with the sole purpose - to win the belt of the WBC world champion from him.Throughout the match, the Russian very confidently replayed the Pole in all components, which eventually allowed him to win the bout with a judicial decision. By the way, despite the fact that the victory went to the Russian on points, Volodarchik was knocked down during the match. It happened in the eighth round. At the end of the battle, the Pole said that he had lost due to poor preparation, which, in turn, was not full due to family problems.

Grigoriy Drozd biography

In May 2015, Drozd spent his first defense of the belt and knocked out another Polish representative, Lukasz Janik.

At the moment, the Russian is on vacation due to various injuries. We hope he will quickly restore his health and will delight more than one victory!

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