Grape wine at home: manufacturing techniques

The benefits of wine

Wine is one of the most useful and ancient beverages. It was prepared and consumed in ancient Egypt for each meal.grape wine at homeThe fermented drink acquired such popularity because it did not spoil in a hot climate, unlike juices and compotes. At the same time, in order not to become too bitter, the wine was diluted with a significant amount of water. The grape itself has excellent healing, taste properties. Vitamins are not only contained in the berries, but also formed during fermentation. It has been scientifically proven that 100 grams of dry wine a day can remove all radionuclides from the body. Of course, homemade drinks are inferior to industrial in strength and harmony of the bouquet. But grape wine at home is undoubtedly more fragrant and healthy. It keeps the hands warm and completely natural. At the same time, the cooking process itself is not too time consuming and does not require special equipment and units.So, how to make grape wine at home?

cooking grape wine at homeManufacturing technology. Cooking Wort

Making grape wine at home requires, above all, suitable raw materials. It should be ripe, sweet and juicy. The best time to ripen such grapes is the end of September. Berries must be separated from the branches and carefully sorted, removing rotten. Otherwise, one spoiled grape can give an unpleasant taste to all the finished products. Do not wash the grapes too actively under running water, because its skin contains special bacteria that make the wine ferment. To make a grape wine at home, you need a large container - the best bottle will be 20 liters. In the container you need to put the berries, after crushing them. You can do it manually. The container should be filled to about 3/4 to make room for sugar. A prepared future wine must be put in a warm place for a couple of days in order for the wort to rise to the top and start playing (let bubbles). Then the berries need to squeeze, and, if desired, add sugar.It should be remembered that every 20 grams of sugar per 1 liter of wort increases the strength of the drink by 1 degree. But do not add more than 1 kilogram of sugar per 10 liters of to make grape wine at home


After the procedures, it is necessary to put a glove on the neck of the bottle in order to control the fermentation process and put the container back in a warm place. If the glove is inflated - the wine wanders. As soon as it wilts, it can be poured into a clean glass container and sealed tightly with lids. Instead of gloves, many experienced winemakers advise using a special lid with a hole. It is easy to buy in the store. A rubber tube is put on the hole in the lid, the second end of which is immersed in a container with water. It is important that the container is below the main bottle. In this case, the cover should be carefully smeared with clay. Such tricks are necessary to ensure that the gas released in the fermentation process goes through the tube and comes out in the form of bubbles in a tank with water. Grape wine at home is best stored in a dark place: cellar, pantry. Tasting can be started in a few months. It should be remembered that homemade wine is not stored for a long time, it must be consumed within a year. However, this is not particularly sad experienced winemakers.

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