"Sex: The Secret Materialchik": actors and roles

One of the most 2011 - "Sex: The secret materialchik." The actors who played in this film, in many respects, ensured him such success. This is a lightweight fantastic comedy by Greg Mottola, filmed by British filmmakers.

"Paul: The Secret Materialchik"

sex secret materialchik actors

March 24, 2011 on the Russian screens released the film "Sex: The Secret materialchik." Actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, who played the main roles, have long been loved by the cinema public.

The picture is set in 1947, when an unidentified flying machine falls near a distant farm. Half a century later, two middle-aged Britons come to the United States to participate in the legendary Comic-Con festival dedicated to fantasy and science fiction fans. They also plan to visit the most memorable UFO-places in America.

The film "Sex: The Secret Materialchik" from the first minutes makes the viewer continue to smile. Already in the background, friends discover an alien who speaks English and asks for their help.It turns out that it is hunted by the American special services. Now the US government is beginning to pursue two English friends.

On the way, they get acquainted with the one-eyed daughter of the owner of the parking lot, which they have to kidnap, as she saw Paul. The American special agents are joined by her father with friends.

This fascinating absurd comedy constantly holds the viewer's attention.

Graham willie

the film is sex secret materialchik

Graham Willie - one of the main characters in the film "Sex: The Secret Materialchik." The actors, who play with him on the same set, helped the artist to open up in all its glory.

His character is a slightly infantile middle-aged man. His main hobby is science fiction and messages about aliens coming to Earth. Therefore, to meet a living representative of an alien race - the main success of his life.

Actor Simon Pegg - famous British comedian. He began his career as a stand-up artist. He made his debut on the big screen in 1995 in the episode of the film "Different Roles".

Over time, in addition to the acting profession, he mastered the specialty screenwriter, producer and director. One of his most memorable works was the shooting of the film "Sex: The Secret Materialchik."Simon Pegg also played in the parody horror comedy by Edgar Wright "Zombie by the name of Sean", adventure sci-fi action movie JJ Abrams "Star Trek", another comedy parody of Edgar Wright "Like the cool cop", the sci-fi film Terry Jones "I can do everything."

Clive gollings

sex secret materialchik simon pegg

Clive Gollings is Graham's best friend. They are familiar from childhood, they have a common hobby for everything paranormal and mysterious. True, the appearance of an alien he is completely unprepared. He constantly faints at the sight of Paul. At the same time, having come to himself, Clive in every possible way helps his friend and distant guest escape from the troubles that have befallen them.

One of his most prominent film roles is the film "Sex: The Secret Materialchik." Nick Frost, who recreates the image of Clive on the court, plays a pleasant and benevolent bumpkin, which cannot but make you smile.

He began his acting career on the television show Danger! 50,000 Volts. Frost initially chose the role of a comedian.

In the same film with Simon Pegg, he appears not for the first time. For example, they played together in the comedy "Zombie named Sean."

Also successful projects with his participation - a fantastic comedy film about aliens "Aliens in the area", the famous parody "Armageddets", as well as "Blood and ice cream."

With Simon Pegg, they are not only partners in the set, but also friends in life. At one time they were even neighbors in the London house. Frost is married to the girl Christine. He is an ardent fan of the English football club "West Ham".

Special Agent Zoyle

sex secret materialchik nick frost

Special agent of the US intelligence services Zoyle is the main antagonist of the main characters almost throughout the film "Sex: The Secret Materialchik." The actors, with whom he created the characters of this film, deserve the highest accolades from the audience at the exit from the cinema.

Only in the final of the picture, it turns out that Agent Zoyle actually kept Paul safe. This unexpected ending ends with the film "Sex: The Secret Materialchik."Jason Bateman, unlike his previous colleagues on the set, is American. He grew up in California. His sister Justine also became an actress.

Bateman began filming sitcoms in the late 80s. However, real fame came to him only in 2003 after the release of the comedy series “Delayed Development”. For his role in this multi-part film, he received the Golden Globe.

Bateman is married to actress Amanda Anka. They have two daughters, Frances Nora and Maple Sylvie.


The film "Gender: The Secret Materialchik" is entirely built around the figure of a mysterious and funny alien. And he, of course, made on the computer. Helps him liven up the voice of Seth Rogen. And in the Russian translation, he is voiced by Pavel Volya.

Seth Rogen - American-Canadian actor, he spent his youth in Vancouver. He started his professional career in the series "Crankies and Mad Men". He appeared in episodes in the films "Donnie Darko" and "Dawson's Bay".

Recently I became interested in writing scripts. In Hollywood, one film has already been released, based on its history, this is the comedy "The Thirty Years Virgin".

Ruth Bugs

Paul Jason Bateman

A vivid and memorable role went to Kristen Wiig, who plays the devout one-eyed Ruth Bugs. Meeting with an alien creature turns her life upside down. Paul gives her knowledge of the whole world. Ruth refuses to believe, immediately begins to paw men for causal places and swearing.

At first, Uig worked in plastic surgery, only then went to actress. In recent years, regularly nominated for an Emmy Award.

Perhaps her most successful work was in the film “A Slumber Party in Vegas,” for which she received an Oscar nomination.

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