Full-size headphones: a review of the best models and reviews

Full-size headphones are an excellent choice for home use. If you take such models on the road, then this may cause some inconvenience due to their impressive size. However, this moment does not stop the connoisseurs of good sound. After all, full-size headphones have cups with soft ear cushions that completely cover the surface of the ear. This design provides complete isolation from ambient sounds and prevents loss of sound. Sometimes such devices are confused with invoices. However, these are different models with some differences. Overhead cover only the ear itself, and the full-size cover it, sometimes without even touching the auricle.

full size headphonesModels of modern full-size premium headphones are distinguished by a lightweight, sometimes foldable design and small cord sizes. All this makes it quite comfortable to use them when using mobile devices.

What model to choose when choosing? To do this, you need to consider the top of full-size headphones, which include devices with the best sound quality, sound insulation, and, importantly for users, design.

Popular options

What are the best full-size headphones that cover the entire ear and have the convenience and deep sound? The most popular options for selecting these devices are:

- gaming, which can only be with a microphone;
- full-size Bluetooth headphones;
- the most convenient, in which you can be at least a whole day, as they do not put pressure on the ears.

headphones full-size sennheiserThe most popular full-size headphones for music include the following in their rating:

- Sony models of Sony MDR series;
- devices of the Senhizer company of the Sennheiser HD series;
- models of Philips;
- Beats devices.

Sony models

Full-size headphones from this company are distinguished by a deep bass sound. But the most successful and popular is the Sony MDR series.

beats studio 2 full-size headphones

At the same time, the company does not stand still and continues to produce new, improved models. However, the most popular today are those full-size Sony headphones that have been tried by a large number of consumers and have received many positive reviews.

Sony MDR XB450AP

These full-size headphones attract buyers not only for its excellent quality, but also at an affordable price that is within 50 USD. It is a good sound and allows these devices to be in the forefront of the rating.

The strongest side of this model are the bass. They are perfectly balanced and brought to almost the ideal.

Deserves attention and appearance of headphones. It should be said that this design, which is characterized by elegant and minimized forms, is distinctive for the entire MDR line.

In the opinion of consumers, the strengths of the Sony MDR XB450AP model are as follows:

- good materials taken for their manufacture;
- Great sound insulation and sound;
- equipping the headphones with a microphone built into the control panel;
- the presence of the control panel.

Sony MDR XB400

This model of full-size headphones is a budget option. However, despite the fairly reasonable price, which is within $ 40, user reviews confirm the excellent quality of these devices.

Headphones have excellent sound characteristics, which, in the opinion of buyers, in a good sense do not correspond to their value.

In addition, the model stands out as follows:

- has a convenient folding design that allows you to take it on the road;
- comfortable for the ears, providing the opportunity to listen to your favorite tunes for a long period of time;
- made of durable materials that prevents mechanical damage.

Sony MDR ZX310

This model of the Sony Company deserves special attention. Users note its good sound, convenience and the presence of a built-in microphone. In addition, the model has an unusual color style that distinguishes it from the rest.

headphones full-size beats

The strengths of these headphones are:

- compactness, due to the possibility to fold the structure;
- strength due to the use in the manufacture of high-quality plastic;
- equipment with remote control.

Sony MDR 7506

According to user feedback, this model is simply gorgeous. Its significant drawback lies only in price. However, it is fully consistent with the quality of the device.
The positive sides of these full-size headphones are:

- their incredible strength;
- good cord;
- average term of operation - from five years;
- low weight;
- small size, which due to the possibility of folding the structure becomes even smaller;
- excellent sound insulation;
- A high level of sound detail and a good balance of frequencies, allowing you to listen to any kind of music.

Sony MDR wireless headphones

The Sony Company has taken a serious step in the production of devices intended for listening to music. It produces wireless full-size headphones in various price ranges. Among them - many standing models. They have already become popular with consumers and deserve a lot of positive feedback.

It is noteworthy that almost every model of full-size headphones from Sony has a wireless option. In addition, another positive point is the ability to connect the cable to Bluetooth devices. This allows you to not stop listening to music, even when the battery is discharged.

Customer testimonials about full-size headphones from Sony company confirm that this product is really high-quality in all respects and at the same time has a fairly reasonable price.

Senhizer Company

This largest and one of the most successful manufacturers of headphones known to many music lovers.The history of the company began in the 40s of the last century, and it went through a lot of interesting twists and turns. Once the company began with the production of microphones, making a significant contribution to the industry of sound equipment. Back in 1968, she released her first headphones. This step was a real breakthrough in the production of headphones. It was a HD 414 model, with high sound quality and excellent resolution. And now the company continues to release this line. Today, the HD series covers full-size headphones. Included here are closed models.

full size bluetooth headphones

According to user feedback, the most remarkable devices from the company Sennheiser are a kind of jaguar in the vast world of headphones.

HD 215 II

This model of full-size headphones Sennheiser is designed for DJs. It has a wonderful sound and has additional useful features that allow you to use it to listen to electronic music.

User-friendly twisted long cable, capable of rotating ear cushions and other elements. All this makes this device stand out among the rest, making it the best in its segment.

Of course, to use such a unit on the street is not very convenient,but at the same time this model will be an excellent option for home listening.

Model HD 215 II has a minimalist design. Entirely it is focused on sound quality and convenience for the user.

Among the positive reviews about this model are:

- high-quality material in the form of matte strong plastic, which allows you to avoid mechanical damage even when the headphones fall;
- clear sound reproduction, an excellent balance between high and low frequencies, as well as the depth and volume of the bass;
- Convenience and practicality of the twisted cord, which will not interfere with the user and if necessary, stretch to the desired distance;
- the presence of a mini-jack, which easily turns into a jack, which allows you to forget about adapters;
- soft and pleasant rotating ear cushion, from which it is impossible to get tired even for several hours of listening to music;
- excellent sound insulation, which protects from unwanted user noise and does not interfere with enjoying the rest of the people around him;
- High-quality equipment in the form of a quality cover for storage, as well as a screw-on plug.

Despite enthusiastic user reviews, the full-size Sennheiser headphones of the HD 215 II also have some drawbacks. So, buyers complain that:

- hot to the ears, which is especially noted in the summer;
- not very beautiful exterior design of the model, on which there are no color components.

HD 180

These full-size headphones from the company "Senheiser" refer to the budget option. The manufacturer has oriented them for home use, which confirms the length of the cable and adapter to 6.3 mm. The average cost of such headphones is in the range from 30 to 40 US dollars.

These German headphones are good for undemanding users, giving them a colorful and soft sound. At the same time they are comfortable enough and are designed for long wear.

Among the positive reviews about the model HD 180 can be identified:

- Convenience - they are comfortably placed on the head, and each user can customize the device for themselves;
- excellent sound insulation, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in watching a movie or a game;
- great sound, very decent for the budget range and not having obvious problems;
- stylish appearance, which is clearly different from the Chinese consumer goods;
- reliability of a simple design, which is not easy to break when hit.

Among the negative user reviews are:

- too long, three-meter cable, which is also very thin for home use;
- materials that, despite their reliability, quickly wear out, which leads to the loss of a respectable appearance in a few months;
- portability of use, not allowing to take headphones with them.

Headphones Fhilips SHP 2000

The best models from this company are distinguished by a deep sound and an excellent value for money.

 full-size philips headphones

Wonderful and inexpensive full-size Philips SHP2000 headphones are no longer a new model and deserve a lot of positive user feedback. And this is not surprising. After all, to find in this price segment a device with a higher-quality sound and so convenient for the listener is simply impossible. That is why they are in our ranking of the best full-size headphones.

Among the positive reviews about this model are:

- good sound;
- ease of use, which is expressed in the ease of construction and soft tissue ear cushions;
- reliability, allowing headphones to serve its owner for many years.

In the negative reviews about the model indicated:

- the fragility of its material, which, with proper treatment is still able to serve for many years;
- low-key and simple design;
- lack of universality, that is, belonging only to the home type, as evidenced by a two-meter cable and the presence of an adapter in the kit;
- not enough loud sound, designed for stationary sources.

Popular brand "Bits"

Beats products are popular due to their outstanding bass, as well as due to the firm’s sound marketing strategy. Bits are known to all music lovers on our planet, but even the best devices of this manufacturer have their positive and negative sides.

Initially, models were produced under the brand Monster Beats. It was a product line from Monster Cable. To date, the brand is called Beats. He is separate.

headphones full-size beats studioBeats headphones have a memorable appearance, a lot of bass sound and high price.Customers note a very wide product line of the brand, which is also an undoubted advantage of its products. After all, the user is given the opportunity to choose for himself the most suitable model, including a full-size Beats headset. Which ones are the best?

Monster Beats Studio

According to consumer reviews, this device is a true stellar solution from the Beats brand. This model of full-size headphones Beats Studio has high-quality sound, clear bass and light headband. They are connected to the equipment thanks to a cable whose length is 1.8 m. The wired interface is a mini-jack with a 3.5 mm jack. Headphones operate in the range from 20 to 20,000 Hz and have a sensitivity of 110 dB.

Users note the convenience of the model in the form of a removable cable and active noise cancellation. Anyone who chooses to choose for themselves the full-size Beats headphones of this model can stop at any color from the extensive palette offered by the manufacturer.

Beats Studio 2

These full-size headphones come with:

- Audio cable,
- cable with remote control;
- Power Supply;
- microUSB cable;
- hard case;
- a carbine for fastening to a backpack or to a bag

According to user feedback, full-size Beats Studio 2 headphones look very stylish. On the sides of the device are the traditional letters "B". Beats is inscribed along the top of the headband. All this is an additional advertisement of the company, informing others about the corporate identity of this stylish device. Buyers note the excellent assembly of products made of glossy plastic.

Additional convenience creates a button located on one of the bowls. With it, you can turn off the sound and, without removing the headphones, to talk. Also on the cup is a microUSB connector. It allows you to charge the headphones either using the power supply or via the USB port. The difference in this case will be only in speed.

In full-size headphones Beats Studio 2 uses a system of active noise reduction. It works constantly, and its shutdown is not provided, which causes the need for periodic charging of the device. This is somewhat inconvenient, but the noise reduction system in these headphones is just wonderful. Users note that her work allows you to feel as if in a vacuum, without hearing a loud conversation in the next room and not feeling discomfort in places of large crowds of people.

The manufacturer claimed the time of the headphones, which leaves 20 hours. At the same time the product has an automatic shutdown system. It serves to prevent full discharge. User feedback confirms that the headphones work for the stated time, so that there is no need for their constant charging.


The article reviewed the rating of a wide variety of models of full-size headphones. Which one to opt for, if this device is not only a means to listen to music, but also a stylish accessory? A specific answer to this question can not be given. The final choice will depend on the taste, preferences and financial ability of the buyer. Only the future owner will be able to fix his gaze on the model that will become most comfortable for him and will correspond to all his subjective evaluations.

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