"Freaks" - the actors and the plot of the film

“Freaks” is a 2011 film. It was directed by Levan Gabriadze. The tape combines the genres of comedy and sports film. The writer is Roman Nepomniachtchi.


freaks actors“Freaks” is a 2011 film that tells about the acquaintance of Slava Kolotilov and Nadya. He is from a small town and works as a teacher of Russian language. She is from Moscow. A week later, the heroes decided to get married. Glory hurried to the train to Moscow for his own wedding, but he had to become a coach of the children's football team.

Main participants

freaks movie 2011In the movie “Freaks” Konstantin Khabensky played by Vyacheslav Nikolaevich Kolotilov. This actor was born in 1972, January 11, in Leningrad. He graduated from eight classes of high school. He studied at the College of Aviation Instrumentation. He worked as a janitor, floor polisher, street musician. He was a fitter in the studio "Saturday." He graduated from LGITMiK. He studied in the studio of V. M. Filshtinsky. He was an actor of the Theater on the Hook Channel. He made his debut in the movie. He played a cameo in the film “To whom God will send.”

Ivan Urgant embodied the image of Dani. This actor was born in 1978, April 16, in Leningrad. His father is Andrei Urgant, his mother is Valeria Kiselyov. Parents of Ivan Urgant - actors. He studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Theater Arts. His grandmother, Nina Urgant, and his father also influenced Ivan’s decision to become an artist. During his studies, Ivan with his beloved and beautiful A. B. Freindlikh played in the production of the Bolshoi Theater of Tovstonogov Macbeth. Ivan Urgant began working as a waiter in clubs, then performing Spanish songs. Soon he became the leading night show.

In the film Freaks, Milla Jovovich played Nadia. It is about the American film actress, singer, model and fashion designer. She was born in 1975, December 17, in Kiev. Father - Bogdan Jovovich - pediatrician. He was born in Montenegro and a Serb by nationality. Mother - Soviet actress Galina Loginova. The family went to London. Then she moved to Sacramento, after that - to Los Angeles. There, my father wanted to pursue a medical career. Her mother could not act in film because of the strong accent in Hollywood, but she wanted her daughter to follow in her footsteps. She spent most of the money on teachers who gave her only child lessons in acting, dancing and music.

Sergey Garmash appeared in the plot as German Khlybustin. This actor was born in 1958, September 1, in Kherson. He became a student of drama school in Dnepropetrovsk. Collaborated with the Kherson puppet theater. He served in the army. He studied at the Moscow Art Theater School. He joined the Moscow Theater Sovremennik. People's Artist of Russia.

Menchov, Tumaykina and Loginova

freaks constantin habenskySchool director Alla Andreevna Dalinska and mother Nadi are two bright female images of the movie “Freaks”. Actors Olga Tumaykina and Galina Loginova transferred these images to the screen. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Olga Tumaykina was born in 1972, on April 3, in Krasnoyarsk. She studied at the Shchukin Theater School. Started performing on stage and joined the Vakhtangov Theater. Honored Artist of Russia.

Galina Loginova was born in 1950, October 28, in Tuapse. Comes from the family of a soldier. She studied in high school in Dnepropetrovsk. She received education in VGIK, in the workshop of V. V. Belokurova. She became an actress of the Kiev Dovzhenko Film Studio. She emigrated to the USA. Agent of his daughter - Milla Jovovich.
Vladimir Menshov played Trekhgolovich - State Duma deputy, consisting of the Committee on Physical Education and Sport. This actor was born in 1939, September 17, in Baku.He is an actor, film director, screenwriter and producer. Awarded the title of Honored Artist. National artist. He studied at the school-studio Nemirovich-Danchenko, acting under the Moscow Art Theater. After graduating from high school, not a single metropolitan theater became interested in a young actor; he went to Stavropol. There he began performing on stage. Collaborated with the drama theater.

Selin, Shekhovtsov, Robak

The mayor of Palchiki and the local policeman was well remembered by the audience of the movie “Freaks”. Actors Sergey Selin and S. Shekhovtsov embodied these images on the screen. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Sergey Selin was born in 1961, March 12, in Voronezh. He served in the army. Three years was a student of the Voronezh Technological Institute. Continued learning. He was educated at the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography on the course of I. Gorbachev. He played in the Pushkin Theater. Changed the scene. He was an actor of the Youth Theater on the Fontanka.

Sergey Shekhovtsov was born in 1961, September 5, in the Krasnodar Territory. He studied at the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio, on the course of V. K. Monyukov and V. N. Bogomolov.
Alexander Robak played the boatswain Georgy Ivanovich.

Other heroes

freaks milla jovovichWe continue to talk about the movie "Freaks". Actors Savva Gusev and Taisiya Vilkova played a street child and Tasya. Tatyana Lyutaeva embodied the image of Nadina’s mother’s friend. The tailbone and the sleeper are also featured in the plot of Freaks. Actors Oleg Maslennikov and Gleb Stepanov performed these roles. Gleb Stepanov appeared in the picture as Koszul.

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