Francesco Lentini: Circus Artist With Three Legs

Francesco (Frank) Lentini - a man with three legs from birth, Italian-American showman and circus. Famous for its amazing sport and acrobatic stunts with a rudimentary foot. Also known as witty and sparkling stand-up comedian. He was the twelfth child in the family and was born with three legs of different lengths.

Francesco Lentini


There are several versions of the birth of Francesco Lentini: July 8, 1884, July 8, 1885 and May 18, 1889. Born in Rosolini (commune in the region of Sicily, Italy). Francesco Lentini was the last, twelfth child in the family (he has 7 sisters and 5 brothers), he was born with three legs. The fact is that along with Lentini, his twin brother had to be born, however, during the development of the embryo, some natural processes were disturbed, as a result of which side effects began.

The parasitic twin brother has grown into the base of the spinal column of Francesco Lantini and consisted of pelvic bones, a rudimentary set of genitals and a full-sized leg, from the knee of which another rudimentary leg protruded.There were sixteen toes on his feet. Thus, Lentini had three legs and two sets of male genital organs.

Difficult fate

Surgeons refused to do the operation to separate the twins for the simple reason that Lentini had the risk of remaining paralyzed - the rudimentary leg and its entire axis were too close to the spine. Upon learning that the boy was born an invalid with a third leg, his parents refused him. At first, his aunt looked after him, but soon she refused to raise a freak boy, and Francesco was sent to a shelter for disabled children.

Life in an orphanage for children with disabilities

Caught among abandoned and unnecessary children, Francesco began to think about the root causes of his loneliness. He was abandoned and nobody needs him, why did this happen? Lentini was a smart guy, and he realized that his fault was his third leg. For this, he once hated himself, calling himself an unflattering word. However, after observing other disabled children, he realized that they, on the contrary, lacked any organs. Some can not walk, others fully talk, see or hear.Life made me give myself a new rating, and Francesco realized that he had an advantage over all. Lentini realized that the third leg is his unique and distinctive feature among other people.

Francesco Lentini and Teresa

Francesco Lentini changed his thinking and began to treat his rudimentary leg with pride and reverence. The guy started playing sports, and he did it perfectly. He could jump rope, play football, ride a bike and even learn to skate. Most of all, Lentini liked to mint a soccer ball on his third leg. He did all this with different legs: the main 39 and 38 inches, and the third - 36 inches (91.5 centimeters). Among his peers, Lentini enjoyed authority and respect, he was often called the King.

Work in a circus: sports tricks and stand-up career

When the boy was eight years old, he emigrated to the United States of America along with other Sicilians. Here he began working in show business under the pseudonym Great Lentini as a circus artist. Lentini joined the famous circus brothers circus. He showed various kinds of wonders to his thirsty audience with his third leg.Everything he learned in an orphanage was useful to surprise the American public. The crown number of Lentini is when he, stuffing the ball in the air with his third leg, continued to walk on the stage on two legs. The audience was delighted with it.

Man with three legs

With age, sports tricks with the third leg faded into the background. Francesco Lentini didn’t show the crazy and dangerous things on stage, he just started going out to the public and amuse them with his jokes and dances, using his extra leg as a stool. A former circus artist answered questions from viewers of the most diverse nature - from his innocent hobbies to his sexual life. People also often asked if it was difficult to buy a set of shoes for three feet. Demonstrating his sharpness of thought, Francesco Lentini always joked that he was buying two pairs of shoes, and giving an extra shoe to his one-legged friend.

Circus Artist

Francesco received American citizenship at the age of thirty. His career lasted more than forty years, he managed to work in all major circuses of the country as a showman and dancer: he worked in the circus of horrors of Barnum Bailey, as well as the Buffalo Bill circus.

Personal life: Francesco Lentini and Teresa Murray

Despite his birth defect, Lentini remained an optimist. He always found a common language with any man, captivating him with his generosity, kindness, friendliness and sparkling humor. His charm and beauty did not go unnoticed by a young lady named Teresa Murray, who loved him.

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