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Flat belly price

How to lose weight and be slim without damaging your health. Why some types of exercises are harmful for women.

As a child, I was so impressed by the stories about the corsets of beauties of the 18th century that I tried to make this device from a wide variety of materials: from kitchen towels to belts in several rows. It was tight. So tight that the question arose - how did they live in it? By the time the fashion for wasp waist faded away, the doctors finally started talking that the corsets were evil.

“Yes, how many harmful standards of beauty have passed through generations of women”

- we sigh with a clever look, confident that our ideals are based solely on healthy lifestyles: sports, diet, muscles.

And I increasingly doubt it. And that's why.


It is fashionable, but about health? The muscular corset, brought to such a state, no longer simply supports and protects internal organs, but rather tightens them, interfering with quality work.
From people who study the traditions of their ancestors, I have repeatedly heard: "The female stomach should be soft," "The psyche of a woman in the stomach". And the massage of this zone in different cultures, from the Russian North to South America, is about relaxing the tissues and letting go of tension.

And many dances are also about that.. It is possible that deterioration of blood circulation in the pelvis also leads to the formation of fibroids, myomas, and other problems of women's health.
Oh, no, this does not mean that I am now trying to rehabilitate excess weight and declare a big belly a symbol of health: visceral fat also negatively affects the work of the abdominal organs and the small pelvis. Rather, the abundance of folds in the waist area, and hypertrophied cubes there, are two extremes.
Those who are planning a pregnancy should know that the endless crunches and planks make the rectus abdominis muscles rigid and short. Where they have to stretch out and become a kind of hammock for the baby, they will simply disperse, leaving you after the birth of one on one with the problem of diastasis.In addition, training in the name of the cubes always causes intra-abdominal pressure to rise, and it, in turn, affects the pelvic floor muscles - now this hammock is over-extended, and hello the first brick in the future prolapse (prolapse of the internal organs).


Ideally, if combined with cubes on the stomach and thin waist - the title of fitonashki and enthusiastic followers in Instagram are provided. The coveted volume is created by training in a gym with a heavy, sometimes very heavy weight. On the page of one owner of such forms, I once read that a girl crouches with a weight that is greater than her own ... It is a pity that at birth we, girls, are not given instructions about our device.
So, we have such a muscle, which is called the pelvic diaphragm. In men, it is more closed, but in girls it expands around the cervix.Due to this design, our pelvic diaphragm is weaker than that of men, and we are not adapted to carry weights. The unfortunate people who felled the forest, slept the sleepers, or simply dragged heavy sacks (during times of war, repression, economic ruin), suffered in varying degrees from the vaginal organs. Because our hammock weakens due to an increase in the same intra-abdominal pressure, and what lay on it creeps down under its own weight.
And then the 21st century and the fashion for a cool pumped ass; bar with pancakes on the shoulders and squats.When our intimate muscles give up - a matter of time and internal resources of each organism.
According to statistics, up to 60% of women in retirement age are prone to prolapse of the genitals, when the toilet should always be at hand, and the uterus gets in the vagina. Who among you dreams of diapers and operations?


In an ideal body there is no place for fat, even in minimal quantities. Therefore, cardio workouts, interval load, diets are used, and menstruation is consumed. Science has proven that body fat is a springboard, where women’s testosterone is converted to estrogen. That is, the male hormones in the female.
No fat - no this magical transformation and menstruation. Trainers usually report that the absence of critical days during intense workouts is normal. I would not build this deviation in the discharge of the norm. Rather, it is natural, but not normal.
And it’s strange: with the help of “mad drying”, we are trying to create sophisticated femininity ... without the participation of female sex hormones.

Such an imbalance in the body has both immediate consequences - problems with skin, hair, and long-term - destruction of the skeleton.

That is, we fight for beauty and youth, and we get early aging and health problems.

Where is the logic?
These are three examples that for me are directly related to the loss of women's health and quality of life at an age when the resources of the body weaken.

Perhaps, if we knew more about the device of our own body, there would be less experiments in the name of beauty. Although ... Not beauty, but its momentary standards. You know, one of my sons at a tender age said: "This is my right-hand pen, and this is a spare one." It is a pity that this is only baby talk - we do not have spare parts.

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