Fish cardinals: description, content, reproduction, compatibility

Unpretentious fish cardinals are not without reason very popular. Even a beginner aquarist can easily cope with simple care of them. Peacefully floating flock of bright fish will require very little space, but will become a real decoration of your aquarium.Fish Cardinals


Small, about 3 cm long, the cardinals have a narrow body with a shiny golden strip in the middle and a black mark at the beginning of the tail. The head and back are yellowish-brown, and the belly is silvery-white. Lemon yellow fins of varying intensity. A bright scarlet edging is visible on the dorsal, and on the ventral ones the red bordering becomes somewhat paler. The edges of the pectoral fins are coal-black. The tail is a rich red color with absolutely transparent corners. The achievement of breeders - the cardinal valeic fish - boasts a particularly beautiful coloring andoutlines of fins. The female has a noticeably rounded abdomen, and the color is somewhat paler. The average lifespan of fish is 2 years.

Aquarium arrangement

It is better to start several Cardinals at once, the schooling fish endures bad loneliness. The optimal amount will be from 5 to 20 pieces. For the comfortable existence of a bevy of such tiny fish, a quite small, from 8 liters, tank is enough. Cardinals prefer to live on the surface, too deep aquarium is not needed, sufficient water level - up to 25 cm. Some people feel great and even multiply in a simple glass jar. With a small volume of water, aeration is very desirable, in the natural environment of these fish (tropical streams) there is clearly enough air.Fish Cardinal content

The bottom should be filled with thoroughly washed and thermally treated sand, river pebbles, small pebbles. Tap water must be passed through the filter or allowed to settle, chlorine impurities are very harmful for aquarium fish.

Conditions of detention

The lighting from above must be made bright enough so that the bottom is not too shaded, despite the vegetation. So the cardinals will behave more actively.Sporting a flock of bright fish in the beautiful greenery of aquatic plants - a fascinating sight. For swimming, leave them plenty of space. The average water temperature is 20 degrees, but the cardinals tolerate coolness as well. Males in the aquarium, to eliminate unnecessary conflicts, should be much smaller than females.Fish Cardinal Vualevy

Bushes of green plants should be planted in the ground so that the timid cardinal fish felt more comfortable. Breeding will require a separate aquarium where fragile fry will live. Among the algae, the most suitable for cardinals are Ludwigia, Nitella, perististole, Myriofillum, Hygrophil, Elodius, or other plants with small leaves. Temperature extremes, hardness or softness of the cardinals withstand water perfectly. These fish are accustomed to the rapid flow of clear streams, so an aquarium that looks like a stagnant swamp can cause illness. Every week, it is desirable to partially change the water.

Addiction to a new place

In the first days after the relocation, the cardinals get used to the new environment. It is worth remembering that timid fish are subjected to severe stress.They, having gathered in close flock, will swim restlessly, getting acquainted with new conditions. No need to worry them with sudden movements or noise.

Normally, if the cardinals are suspicious of food and even refuse it, in a couple of days the food will be adjusted. The flock will then disintegrate into several smaller ones, it will be possible to observe the normal behavior of the cardinals (with battles and fun) when they feel really at home.Fish Cardinal. Compatibility

It is undesirable to disturb the fish "moving" too often. In addition to stress and the possibility of injury, there are other adverse factors. A constant change in the composition of the water will not do them good. The aquarium forms its own microflora, which is necessary for the health of its inhabitants.

Cardinal fish: compatible with other breeds

Optimal conditions for the flocks of good-natured small cardinals - a separate aquarium. There they will be most comfortable. It is very interesting to watch their quiet games, and to multiply and behave in a relaxed atmosphere, the cardinals will be clearly more active.

Calm and funny fish cardinals are too peaceful. They can be offended by representatives of aggressive breeds.Dangerous neighborhood with predators such as astronotus, piranha, barbs, angelfish, goldfish.

It is necessary to take into account the lack of agility of the Cardinals. Even quite peaceful inhabitants of the aquarium, the size and strength of which is greater than that of these fish, will be serious competitors to them in the division of food and territory. Lack of food or a comfortable place will affect the general state of health, the ability to reproduce, the appearance of cardinals.

If you still want to observe the diverse inhabitants in your glass pond, you can look at guppies, fiery tetras, danios, rhodostomusam, crescents, neons, honey gouras, corridors, glass perches or shrimps.

Preparation for breeding

Even the breeding of these fish will not require much trouble. It is necessary to separate the males and females using an additional aquarium. Give plenty of live food for several days and slightly increase the water temperature to about 25 degrees. Such favorable conditions will trigger a natural reproduction mechanism. During the preparation period you should not expose the fish to stress.Fish Cardinal. Breeding

Cardinal fishes: breeding

Combine different sexes can be in 5 days.A female cardinal will be ready for breeding when her sides are noticeably rounded. In the spawning aquarium, small thickets of small-leaved algae are obligatory, which will then serve as a shelter for the larvae and fry, in the same place the cardinals will be able to hide their eggs. The nest - a kind of "family" of these fish - consists of a male and 2 females. It is better to prepare several groups for spawning. In 10 liters of water 2 nests are quietly located. After two days, the female will postpone all the eggs. Cardinals can be replanted, only the period of preparation for reproduction should be increased to one and a half weeks.

Fry care

Cardinals are not caring parents of the fish, but cannibalism among the representatives of this species is very rare. Manufacturers precipitate more for recreation. Larvae will appear in 2 days. They are almost invisible and motionless. This developmental stage of the Cardinals lasts up to 60 hours.

Malkov need to feed the culture of ciliates or other "live dust". Monthly juveniles of the Cardinal can feed on small cyclops, daphnia, bloodworms, Artemia, and pipemaker. At this stage, you can gradually add ordinary food for adult small fish.After six months, the fry of the cardinal are considered adults.Fish Cardinal Reproduction

The cardinal fish is very unpretentious, the maintenance of its especially difficult conditions and manipulations does not require. This species did not even have time to acquire the aristocratic fragility of those breeds that live too long in captivity. The humility of funny fish will be very popular with aquarists who have not enough experience and time.

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