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Fight back pain when sitting

Has become notice that after a long work day that I spend sitting at computer, very back pain. My friends constantly complain about the same problem. colleagues: they say, eight hours sitting in vain for health do not pass, here very soon we will groan like old men. Not a little scared, I looked through a bunch of articles on the Internet in order to find out what and how to do in order to at least somehow improve condition of the body, and overcome the pain in the back. After I got acquainted with diseases that threaten me (cervicothoracic sciatica, osteochondrosis, overstrain spine, chronic sciatica, worsening of cerebral blood circulation, neuralgia ...), firmly decided that something needs to be done.

Fight back pain when sitting

Since in our office does not have a rest room with a horizontal bar, an exercise bike and a treadmill, I had to look for other ways to treat my back. During the work day I became getting up more often from the workplace: make tea, wash the fruit, remembered that You can ask your colleagues a question not only via email or Skype, but also going to their next room. I gave up my favorite wheelchair and took the usual office chair and, of course, stopped her lunch break hold sitting near the monitor. As it soon turned out, walks in the fresh air have benefited not only the back, but also favorably affected the state of everything organism: not so tired eyes, gone headaches. Also had to abandon the elevator, because the fourth floor is not so difficult to climb and by steps.

Fight back pain when sitting

I became more active, signed up for swimming (these are the loads most needed to save the back of an office worker) and under the strict guidance of an instructor two Once a week she performed a set of exercises that not only relieve pain in back, but also have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and lungs. In the evenings at home she did special exercises for the back muscles and spine and ... lo and behold, after a few days of classes I began to feel much better myself: I forgot about the pain in my back, neck, I was overwhelmed with energy, cheerfulness

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